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Valerie Michele Oliver

Need Recommendations for Microphones for Mac

Hi, I've been a Blog Talk Radio host and producer for a couple of years (The Healing Artist Studio Project: - live and podcasts), and have used my MacPro Laptop, OS X 10.8 using GarageBand for recording and editing; and using a USB headset with mic. I need to make some voiceover demos and am wondering what you all recommend as a cost-effective and high quality mic for my Mac set-up. Also, if you'd like to share info about your studio equipment and software set-up, please do so. Thanks in advance! Val

The Healing Artist Studio Online Radio by Healing Artist Studio Project
The Healing Artist Studio Online Radio by Healing Artist Studio Project
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Brad Vinikow

Hi Val, I recently purchased the Apogee Mic - a very high quality/reasonably priced USB mic. Although I record straight into my iPad it can also be used with a Mac. It sounds GREAT! I use Twisted Wave software on the iPad (VERY cool!), but I use SoundTrack Pro on the Mac. The Apogee/iPad system is perfect for recording VOs (and auditions) on the go! You are welcome to check out my site at Good luck!

Meir Sabbah

Although I personally use a Neumann TLM-102 with an Yamaha Audiogram6 interface (combined cost about $850 and an absolutely fantastic combination) I recommend anything from Blue. They have the cutest and coolest recording stuff. I used it as my starting point for recording and tooootally loved it. Super user friendly, great sound and they have USB condenser mics that start as low as $50!! check out this B&H link I set up, you will get an idea:

Tillman Schauble

I agree, the apogee usb mics are very good. The Shure SM7 is also great microphone for voice over/ vocal. AKG make a bunch of great medium/large diaphragm condenser microphones as well. Bare in mind, when you buy a straight microphone (not usb), you will also have to buy an A/D (analogue/digital) converter. Focusrite make good value a/d converters, but the best is Apogee. General rule of thumb for voice over / vocal recording is to use a medium/large diaphragm microphone. Use that search term in google to help narrow down your searches.

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