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M Cid D'Angelo

Radio Jock >>>> Voice Acting?

I am curious what everyone would have to say about a radio announcer thinking of testing the waters in voice acting! Anyone have ideas or viewpoints?

Richard "RB" Botto

Think it's a natural progression. I did sports radio for 8 years and recorded a ton of commercials, etc, during that time.

Moniece Robinson

A great resource on this topic is Bill Dewees. He was a radio that has become a successful VO. From all the training in voiceover that I have, I have been told time and time again that radio announcers have to learn how to not take "at" the audience when making the transition... and

Richard "RB" Botto

Great share, Moniece. Thank you.

Jeff Resnick

When you get right down to it, no difference between the two

G.Q. Smooth

I've been in a situation to where I Only had a radio and headphones. But I ended up catching TV channel broadcasting . NBC,TBS,TNT,ABC,My 20,FOX,and some other local channels. Anyways I heard The actual movies and commercials and everything . Honestly It Was All I Had And It Was A Great Experience. It caught my ear.And My Attention to the fullest. But What was not Cool was the extra noise. Because I couldn't c what was happening but I vision it semi ok. Imagine u listening to Scarface . I Did. So I already Knew what to expect. But other movies I Knew nothing of I Had to Vision It And That was A LITTLE Off. But Honestly you can Pull it off you get the right ppl to play the right part. Sometimes where ppl fail is the poor actors low skills. Some stress to much and sound nervous or try to hard. Play The Part . That's It . Playing and simple... Nothing More Nothing Less. ... Good Luck. Wish you the BEST. If You Ever Need Me Just Let Me Know. It'll Be My Pleasure

M Cid D'Angelo

I think it's good to not only have a talented voice, but to have such experiences. I certainly don't think having such experience is imperative to becoming a voice actor, but I think it does help.

Victoria Wiltshire

In my mind, both require clarity of mind, expression, confidence, good diction and stamina, so I believe, a natural crossover. And anyway, if you're feelin' it, why the heck not! Best of luck.

M Cid D'Angelo

Thank you all for your input.

Marianne Edwards

Yeah... you get the technical stuff and mike technique, so you are free to concentrate on the acting. But can you act? Only your enemies can tell you!!

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