Your Stage : Seeking a VO talent for new Travel series by Farook Singh

Farook Singh

Seeking a VO talent for new Travel series

Farook Singh here, EP of the Music Voyager and the RockStar Diaries.. We are looking for an engaging, unique VO talent for a new Travel series... Specks: Can be Male or Female but definitely energetic, engaging fun... Someone u would want to travel and hang out with. Humor is a big plus! Yes.. You will have creative input to bring script to life!

Holly Adams

I'm brand new here, but this post is right up my alley! How do we make contact??

Phillip J Mather

Good afternoon, Farook . . . British Voice Talent - please review my demos at - I'm happy to discuss further via phone if you wish [Central time USA] - best wishes - Phillip

Seth Hendrix

Hey, Farook! Adding my website to the discussion: I think what you may be looking for is in line with my "Casual" VOs. Let me know if we can connect!

Erica Risberg

Hi Farook! I just saw the posting. If you're still looking for voice talent, please check out my demos at Thank you in advance for your time and consideration! Sincerely, Erica Risberg, Ph.D.

Barbara Polk

Hi Farook! I've been doing voice over my entire career. I have national credits as well as hundreds of local and regional commercial credits. KFC, The Discovery Channel, many VO's for Presbyterian Church USA videos. I do lots of character voices, too. If interested, check out my website: Click on the VOICES side of the site. (I'm also a singer and you can hear some of my vocals on the VOCALS side) My email is:

Jordan Yanco

Hi Farook, sounds like a great project. Let's connect!

Matt Morea

Sounds like a great project, Farook! I'd be interested if you're still looking. Examples of my work are at Thanks!

Jamie Newell

I have a deep, distinctive voice; a home studio and have been a prof voice talent since 1983. I also have been making a living for the last 24 years doing comedy improvisation. I would love to hear more about your project and to hear and see my work www.JamieNewell.Com Thanks for the consideration Jamie

Jamie Newell

Www.JamieNewell.Biz Woops This is why I keep my hair blonde

David Brower

I would love the opportunity to be considered. You can hear a couple of my demos on my Stage32 profile under "about" also many more at - if you would like to send me an audition script, please send to: with gratitude, David

Erica Risberg

Hi Farook - I'd be interested in participating. You can hear my voice at my website: If you need playful, I can do that too! Thank you for your consideration! Erica Risberg

Pete Papageorge

Hi, Farook: I'm a union voiceover performer with my own studio. You can hear my demo at my website: Thank you for your time and consideration.

Moniece Robinson

Hi Farook! I would like to be considered for this opportunity. My demos are on my Stage32 profile or please visit my website Thank you, happy day!

Kris Keppeler

Hi Farook! thanks for the opportunity. My demos are on my website, and some of my comedic narration is part of my Stage 32 profile.

Carolina Wild

Cool! Do you have any audition material? Where do we send out demos? THANKS!

Jeri Spinney

I would be interested! Let me know how to get ahold of audition material!

Jonella (Jody) Cross

I'd be interested! Please send details.

Irene Leland

Very interested! That description sounds just like me! I'd like to send you voice demos, if you'd like to take a listen! Thank you! Irene

Cheyenne Rowlands

This seems like a fantastic opportunity! I'd love to send you some voice demos if I could :)

Stephen J. Payne

I am very interested and would like to send some follow up material I am also a screenwriter particularily non-fiction.

Rick R Miller

sounds very interesting, more details please

Stephen J. Payne

I am new to this site how do I send materials and info to you?

Mahesh Seelvi

I am a voice actor from India. My languages are Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English (Indian). My services are always available. visit me at

Bobby E. Erickson (BobbyE)

Hello Farook - please review my information and feel free to contact me as needed. I am very interested in this project. I have both character, and commercial reels available on Stage 32 for your review as needed - otherwise, my webpage is Respectfully...

Rick Jey

Very interested in your project.

Irene Leland

Would love to be considered! ( I have much voice over experience, and I am definitely engaging, fun-loving and full of vitality!

Mahesh Seelvi

Mr. Frook Singh, I presume but please confirm whether the suitable voice has been selected for your travel series? If not so far, please visit my website for voice samples. I have, so far, done thousands of recordings internally.

Thanks and regards

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