Acting : The dreaded topic for most, breaking into Anime by James Roberts

James Roberts

The dreaded topic for most, breaking into Anime

I apologize if there was already a post on this (after several minutes of searching I didn't find anything), but I am wondering if anyone has advice on breaking into Anime? I am not in anyway limiting myself to this one area, but I have been told I fit the young hero archetype well. From what I hear, there are really only a few dominate anime production companies in the U.S.; Funimation for one example. I read they only have auditions once or twice a year because they have so much great talent to reuse year after year, using teams to complete several projects over a short time. If this is the case, is the strategy to just keep auditioning until they like you? Or is there someway for someone new to stand out (besides your voice)? Thanks!

Carl Welden

There isn't a great deal of "US produced" anime, but there is plenty of post-production English dubbing here. Look into Bang Zoom Entertainment (they're based in Burbank but give workshops on the east coast as well). They're one of the few outfits I know I that really specializes in anime-specific voice industry courses and they're quite affordable, with package deals for different levels of skill, etc. Last time I was in LA, I took a studio tour of their facility and had a great experience. Here's their site: Hope this helps, or at least gets you on the right track. Tell them Carl from New Paltz says hello. Cheers, -Carl Welden

James Roberts

Thanks Jonathan and Carl!

Carl Welden

Keep us posted as to how it goes.

Carl Welden

So, a season has rolled on past. You contact Bang Zoom yet?

James Roberts

Hey Carl, I haven't. I don't have a demo yet and won't have funds to get one for quite some time. I have been considering teaching/producing myself. Thanks for the thought

Tina Field Howe

I have met Vic Mignogna. Great voice and very popular at the comicons. Best of luck!

Randy Frank

Funimation has open auditions sometimes, only locally there in Dallas, though.

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