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Voice over actors

Are many voice over actors here? Do you work more on the corporate side vs with animation?

Donna Wright

I do most of my voice over with students at SCAD learning the business. Mostly we're just changing the voices of popular shows so the students can practice matching the voices to the actions so they don't get the delay effect that is so tedious in film. I'd love to do animation! Especially the newer kind where they use your actual face to help bring the characters to life. ;)

Rhonda Husak

I do more corporate but I'm guessing it's because I live in the midwest where the demand is greater than animation.

Donnell Adler

I personally work in several differernt types of voice over categories from automated systems (someone has to be the voice that tells you to press 2 ;) ) to e-learning in more than one language. It's important to know your voice in this business and not be afraid to offer your services once you find it.

J. Christopher Dunn

Hi Joyce- My clients are mostly interested in e-learning, explainers and corporate narration. I get animation and commercial work a few times a month.

Ion J. Baleanu

I recently got into voice over acting. Still trying to land my first gig after 60+ auditions.


Thanks everyone for replying. Is there a section on Stage 32 that is specific to Voice Over actors?

Kathrynne Wolf

i believe you're in it! I suppose there are producers et al, as well, but this is the VO lounge, yes? Re: sort sof VO done - I've done some corporate, some radio commercials, a few video games, and (most strangely) a pinball machine!


That had to be interesting. I love pinball.

Phillip J Mather

All genres - Commercials, Industrials, RPG, Documentary narrations, AudioBooks . . .

Terry Anderson

I do all types of recordings. Like Phillip said, presentations, commercials, animations, game apps, Pod casting, etc...

Jeff Clement

I narrate, sound design, sound mix and compose music for a horror-themed storytelling channel on YouTube as well as for my own personal channel. Not a career... yet. The end goal is for it to be my full time job.

Tim McLaughlin

I mostly do e-learning, narration, and real estate home tours, a bit of medical, a few commercials and some on-hold messages.

HP Lewis

Hi Joyce. While I've done a handful of commercials, my main focus is on-line training videos and podcasts.

Bob Merrill

It's kind of a sideline to my studio work, but I've done a fair amount. Mostly corporate, but one activist film, a bunch of little lottery machine sound clips, and a few commercials. I produce videos for one of my tech-writing clients, and it's easiest for me to write and voice the script, and they seem happy with it. Most of my voice work has come from being in the middle of production stream at the moment when the voice was needed. Then repeat business from the same clients.

Benjamin Alany

I'm fairly new to the VO side of things, but I had a pretty nice gig on an upcoming game a few months ago (Warlock 2: The Exiled). I never got a gig on the corporate or commercial side, though I have had a couple of auditions recently. One of the reasons I got into it was: earlier in my acting training, I was repeatedly told by my coaches: "You're good, you just need more volume/projection/etc." So, I began taking voice classes, and realized I had a pretty versatile voice and some talent in that area. Things are just developing now. I welcome it, because it can be difficult for me to get roles in my main areas of training (Film and TV) with a look as specialized as mine, though I get a lot of attention for being unique. With VO, looks don't matter, and I can be whoever I need to be. I'd like to continue working with the games industry if I can, I always liked the idea of that, and am something of a gamer from way back myself.

Terry Anderson

I have been very fortunate and have been working with all forms of media outlets and formats.

Benjamin Alany

Very cool, Terry.

Kris Keppeler

I definitely do more corporate work. We don't have any animation studios in my area either. I do voice animated characters quite a bit for corporate work.

Bobby E. Erickson (BobbyE)

Hello Joyce - I have done more corporate work in the past, but this is moving into the commercial field as well. I am hoping to expand further roles into animated film. :-) Best wishes to you.

Tegan Elyssa Harris

Hello. This thread seems to have restarted after a long break! I've worked on voice overs for English Language learning courses for a few years now. Sometimes sounding my own age and sometimes younger, depending on the role.

Toni Deaver

I have a 3.5 octave range so I sing and do many character voices in the LA area. I was just asked to voice a bear in a film going into production in 2017. Funny, charming, family film

Tony Fisher

I did my first voice over for a film yesterday. Was a lot of fun but very mentally tiring.

Richard "RB" Botto

Spent a good 7-8 years doing radio and voice work (commercials, PSA's, etc). Welcome Joyce.

Sheila Wood VO

Voice artist from Chicagoland area. My brand is more suited for narration than character work.

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