Acting : Will Siri ever replace real voice actors? by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney
Selina Kucks A.k.a. Sketa

God, I hope not!

Amanda Toney

Interesting in how this article relates to the film Her...

Marc Turner

Morgan Freeman

Kelly Sherwood

I can't tell you how many times in the job description for an audition the client wants a voice like Scarlett Johannson in "Her" or a "Siri-like voice."I try to imitate them but I'm not them. I have my own unique voice!

Roy G. Lunel

I was the first human voice used for GPS Navigation waaaay back in 1997. It was a VO gig that lasted 10 years, but it was my own voice. It was processed and compressed, but it was a human voice that was used with a very sophisticated voice recognition system. I recorded millions and millions of street names, points of interest, parks, museums, restaurants, freeway exits and entrances for the entire United States. At times it felt like the voice over from hell. But it was my voice, a human voice, not a synthesized voice. As we all know now, Siri is also a human voice. Susan Bennet is the voice behind Siri in the US and there must be a reason why Apple did not use a synthesized voice. Although there is a certain robotic flavor behind hearing Siri, you know that Ms. Bennet actually sat in a studio and recorded everyone of those phrases and words. Yeah, try getting a synthesized voice to do Morgan Freeman or Mike Rowe. Not gonna happen.

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