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Jonathan Kramer

Audience: Moving from Spectator to Participant

I have to assume that the members of this discussion group understand and embrace the change in storytelling production such as Social TV/Film. With networks and cable channels slowly migrating to digital platforms along with some light social interaction, the horizon is clear. The need to engage audiences with content produced for mobile platforms where interaction is an component is crucial if you're to stay ahead of the curve. Brands have known this for years and expand audience through this approach. I'm looking for collaborators who realize the change and embrace it. Smart Phone channels are in development as we speak; anyone want to be involved in that?

Ben Johnson Jr.

Jonathon I'd like some more info on this. Where can I get some?

Jonathan Kramer

Ben.. the best thing to do is search Social TV, Social Film as well as Transmedia. The leaders in this area are Robert Pratten, Lance Weiler, Nuno Bernardo, Mike Jones ( and Krish Stott (Bellyfeel). I just had a short consultation with Krish last week and his company is developing the first smart phone channel.. very cool!

Matt Sydney

I love where you're going with this. Message me, I think we could take this discussion further.

Jonathan Kramer

You got it dude.. just sent you a PM

Kimite Cancino

Im in South Africa. I would love to know more. could u also pls enlighten me. I make short films with my film club, and could I share some of our movies with this app? or am I being too naive in what u trying to convey in your post. lol. it all sounds awesome, and I hope to learn more about it :)

Charles G. Masi

Just remember that ultimately it's all about the story, and storytelling hasn't changed since Homer composed the Illiad some 3,000 years ago. We're talking about an entertainment-delivery vessel here. Don't confuse the medium with the message, despite what Marshall McLuhan had to say.

Jonathan Kramer

Kimite.. the smart phone channel is still in development and I'm not associated with it. If you want to keep appraised you should follow Krish Stott, founder of Bellyfeel (UK). Charles I completely agree with one exception. While storytelling may not have changed in terms of the basics, HOW it's delivered is changing much like it did with Music. So those of us that acknowledge that change is happening and learn how to shift, will be ahead of the curve. What you resist persists.

Charles G. Masi

Don't get me wrong. I embrace the new media as a delivery mechanism. I just try to remember that it's no substitute for good content. If we put poor content on new media, it's still garbage in = garbage out.

Jonathan Kramer

Couldn't agree with you more Charles.. and Lord knows there's plenty of garbage out there along with the good. Finally got around to seeing "The Imitation Game" which clearly is anything but garbage, LOL

Tresa Bennett

Hi Jonathan I like where this is going. I'd like to get involved, feel free to PM if that is okay with you.

Jonathan Kramer

Tresa.. After reviewing your profile you're one of very few members that understands the importance of 'future proofing' and looks out towards the horizon rather than the 'wake' left behind. I just sent a request to add you so we can connect directly. Thanks so much for taking note of what we both know is important

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