Your Stage : Let's Share With Others by Michael Jacks Pitts

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Michael Jacks Pitts

Let's Share With Others

Let's Share With Others is the story of Jimmy and his lemonade stand. Jimmy is a typical 1950s boy who receives a package from his grandfather. I's books in a wooden crate. Jimmy talks his mother int letting him use the crate for a lemonade stand. After doing poorly on his own, Jimmy does poorly on his own at the lemonade business. Then the postman talks him into getting some partners. His friends join and they are a huge success. Well that story is boring as watching paint dry. It was dull as the dishwater they were washing glasses in. So we knew we had to riff this film because we like bad movies, and this one is about as bad as they come. I needed 5 Hour Energy just to stay awake to write the script and it was still putting me to sleep. But we got it done and riffed for you. We hope you enjoy.

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