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Rita Artmann

New series The Void

Check out episode 1 of our comedy series The Void : The show is a “skit-com” about a group of unappreciated young filmmakers trapped by contract on a never-ending (12 years and counting) feature film project called “The Void”, under the direction of a woeful, yet inexplicably pretentious twat with a seemingly limitless supply of funding. Guaranteed laughs :) Any feedback is very much appreciated!

Darious J. Britt

Nice, episode. When's the next one coming?

Rita Artmann

Thanks Darious! We've only finished the first season so we are releasing one episode every six weeks on Sundays. We've filmed 30 'voideos' 1-2 min comedy segments (5 of each character) and are releasing them on the weeks that we don't put out a full episode. The first 7 voideos can be found on our website or fb page Glad you enjoyed it!

Mark Souza

Rita, just a thought inspired by a recent speech by Kevin Spacey posted here last week. He talked about how the industry is changing. He talked about how consumers are streaming their entertainment straight from the internet and watching on their tablets or computers where and when they want, And how brilliant Netflix's decision was to release the first season of his series "House of Cards" all at once rather than dictate how the viewer had to watch, so if they wanted to binge, they could. If they wanted to parse them out, they could. He relayed how many times he'd been stopped by fans who said, "you cost me three nights sleep." Six weeks seems like a long time to wait for the next episode. You run the risk of losing people who might move onto something else, because there is so much out there, not because they don't like Void, but because six weeks is a long time and peoples lives are busy. If you have a full season worth of episodes, why not release them all and let fans move from one to the next to the next if they want. If you can hook them on one episode, why not hook them deep by letting them have as much as they want. I think it will generate more buzz that way too, compared to the alternative of hoping a fire fueled every six weeks doesn't go out between episodes. Put your fans in control. Just an idea to think over.

Rita Artmann

Hi Mark, thanks for your message! I completely agree, personally I hate having to wait a week for each new episode of Breaking Bad ha ha! The reason for the 6 week hiatus is because the first season is only 6 eps and currently we don't have the funds accumulated for a second series so we don't want to release everything and have nothing left to give. If we drag the series out we can potentially have another one in production by the time this one is finished. We are releasing voideos (character interview segments) on every week, although they do only run about 2 minutes so it doesn't really fill 'the void'. At the moment, we are in post on our second feature AUSTRALIENS a sci-fi/comedy and are hoping to build up the audience for that too. But you are right, 6 weeks is a long time and we don't want to alienate our audience so we may have to look at bringing out the next episode sooner. Thanks for you help :)

Simon © Simon

It makes complete sense with the instant gratification society we have today. Adapting.

Sasha Marina

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