Your Stage : Please check out You:Tube The Musical...premiered last week!!! by Jon Polansky

Jon Polansky

Please check out You:Tube The Musical...premiered last week!!!

Hey 32ers...a web series I'm involved with just premiered last week. I directed two later eps. It's a lot of fun. Feel free to share and subscribe.

John Hager

HA! My apologies. I just realized that my previous comment came off very insulting to your DP and it is not intended to be. He did a great job. My thought was that the show needs a lighting budget to up the production value a bit. That's all. Again, great job all around. I thought it was really funny. Keep it up.

Denise Cruz-Castino

Really cute. Singing was great! I like the premise. My only suggestion is to start with dialogue like you have in the middle and the end. Otherwise it kind of threw me that it wasn't just the youtube song the whole way. I think the dialogue would make it seem more like a musical, which is what you were going for. But it's cute. Production quality was good too!

Jon Polansky

All good, John. We actually had someone light this...not our DP. I thought he did a pretty good job, considering the budget restraints (i.e. there was none) and the limited equipment we were working with. Thanks for watching!

Jon Polansky

Thank you, Denise! I appreciate the comments. This is actually all shot and in the can. I haven't seen any of the other eps., so maybe they do incorporate some of your ideas. Thanks for watching!

Denise Cruz-Castino

Yeah I was wondering since you said this was just a trailer. Good job!

Kate Ashby-Craft

love it..real fun

Rachel Metzger

Funny! Enjoyed watching - thanks for posting.

Jon Polansky

Thank you, Kate and Rachel!

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