Your Stage : Roscoe's Rules by Michael Jacks Pitts

Michael Jacks Pitts

Roscoe's Rules

Roscoe's Rules is a Sid Davis safety film about you guessed it, safety rules. Yes it is the same Sid Davis we so love who often kills at least one child off camera. This film he has no body count. Instead he has a creepy bear who resembles the title character of Five Nights of Freddy's on his off day. A police officer and a school teacher use to bear as a prop to teach children about being safe when walking to and from school. This is great if you walk to school but really a waste of time if you take the bus. Anyway the cop is only there for the teacher's goodies anyway. You can tell that by the knowing looks of two people who have seen each others genitalia. Anyway it is our favorite safety film director, Sid Davis. That is all the excuse we need to want to riff it. The sheer stupidity of the film just makes it that much better.

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