Your Stage : Social-Sex Attitudes In Adolescence Part III by Michael Jacks Pitts

Michael Jacks Pitts

Social-Sex Attitudes In Adolescence Part III

We conclude Social-Sex Attitudes In Adolescence. Bob and Mary are still dating. Bob's mother who has been grooming him to be a submissive is upset with the kind of company Bob keeps. He is running with a wild crowd. He later drops from them so he can smoke pot in his room. Meanwhile Mary is seeing a boy named Jack, who is unhappy by the fact Mary won't put out for him and is the root of the phrase Jack off since it is just him and his hand while dating Mary. Mary also dates a guy name Stan but he moves away to get rid of her psycho ass. Finally Mary ends up at a party at Bob's home and is introduced by Bob's mother. They both know what they like but are lonely so they settle on each other. Soon their romance buds and Bob knocks her up thus causing the marriage between the two. The film ends with them driving away to their new life together while Bob's mom is begrudgingly accepting the fact she is related to Mary's family now. Also Mary's mother reminds Mary to never mention the fact her parents are secretly cat burglars to Bob.

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