Your Stage : The Adventures of Junior Raindrop by Michael Jacks Pitts

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Michael Jacks Pitts

The Adventures of Junior Raindrop

The Adventures Of Junior Raindrop is the store of a small raindrop and how rain effect the land. Presented by the US Department of Agriculture as a way to shed light on the subject of soil erosion. Junior is a raindrop sent to his mother Earth by his father a cloud. While there Junior forms a gang with other raindrops and causes a flood. Then we are given a discussion on soil conservation and how we can prevent soil erosion. Then we go back to junior who is resting on a blade of grass. Father Cloud has the sun evaporate Junior to return him to the cloud. They are reunited in a happy ending. Screw that. we wanted some serious action and damage from the flood. Not a lecture on dirt. So in our disappointment with the lack of a body count by the flood, we riffed this film for all that it is worth.

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