Your Stage : Ways To Settle Disputes by Michael Jacks Pitts

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Michael Jacks Pitts

Ways To Settle Disputes

Ways To Settle Disputes is a 1950s film that shows various ways to settle disputes. Sadly a fight to the death was never presented as an option because that would be cool. They instead discuss compromises, obeying rules, finding facts, and gathering opinions for various forms of disputes. It starts with Alice and Judge Eddie, trying to talk Jerry into trying anal. Then they walk up on two small kids fighting. Judge Eddie resolves the issue. Later, Judge Eddie steps up again to resolve a disagreement on the playground. Shortly after the school bell rings, it's Judge Eddie resolving a conflict over whether the class closet case stole a feminine looking notebook. Finally the class has a vote between Jerry and Judge Eddie which judge Eddie wins. See no fights to the death. So we riff this boring film a new one. Trust me it needed it.

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