On stage with rb - october 2014 | Stage 32 Staff - Julie

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Stage 32 Staff - Julie

On Stage with RB - October 2014

1,000 Stage 32 members from 36 countries joined our Founder and CEO, RB in the October 2014 edition of On Stage with RB. For almost 3 hours he went over site features, answered questions and brought on 2 special guests – Mitchell Peck and David Rountree.

25 year producing veteran Mitchell Peck talked about the industry and development, while Director, Producer and Actor David Rountree discussed how he employed 22 Stage 32 members on his film 108 Stitches, which is currently in theaters and on video on demand. After the chats, RB opened it up to the community for questions such as:

  • What are karma points?
  • What is the best advice to take advantage of networking on Stage 32?
  • Will Stage 32 be at AFM?
  • Is being from India an obstacle to being a screenwriter?
  • Will Stage 32 host filmmaking workshops?
  • Thoughts on mediation to inspire creativity?
  • What are the 2 most important things you should do when you move to California?
  • Future of 3D film in film festivals
  • What specifically do people do to find work through Stage 32?
  • Is less dialogue and more action the future of films & tv shows?
  • Is there a market for African American sci-fi?
  • What advice to you give a young female looking to get more work behind the camera?
  • And much, much more...

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