"crowded after hours" - a video introduction | Edward E. Kramer

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Edward E. Kramer

"Crowded After Hours" - A Video Introduction

Strange Attraction is an original anthology from award-winning editor Edward E. Kramer. Its concept is based on the kinetic sculpture called "Crowded After Hours" by renowned sculptor Lisa Snellings: a carnival big wheel, peopled with odd and often haunting individuals, each marked by their own history – each at least a step removed from humanity. Some only to a small degree, others to the extent that one must wonder if any part of them was ever human. How did they come to be here, swaying on this ancient, creaking wheel that materializes in the mists each night when the booths are dark? There is no stopping to momentarily tease and dangle the topmost riders. None get off. No new riders climb on. But occasionally, on darker midnights, a new soul finds a place on the wheel. Did it wander there accidentally? Or by some ill-fated scheme of its own doing? Or was it lured there by some inexplicable, strange attraction? The common thread that binds each of the tales together; like the cars on a Ferris wheel. It sits proud and tall at the center of the carnival. The spokes of the wheel are carved to resemble bones and it's crosspieces are carved with roses, once painted red, now flaking and fading. Vines cling and curl in and around the entire structure. It's massive carved wood base is littered with masks bearing various expressions. Some look new, some are almost completely covered with dirt and vines. The Wheel appears to have been standing in this spot for centuries, although, when you see it, you're sure it wasn't there yesterday, and you instinctively know it won't be there tomorrow. This book is your token. Admit one. Climb aboard the open, waiting, wanting car. And never get off.... – Have a safe trip

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