2d animation | Yvonne Grzenkowicz

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Yvonne Grzenkowicz

2d Animation

  1. "Archaeology" Music Video (Responsible for artwork, concept, and animation). The song "Archaeology" is from the album No School Today by Danny Weinkauf. 1. Socialcast by vmware DWTW campaign with Magnet Media (Responsible for animation and vector assets) 2. Sesame Street's "The Great Cookie Thief" iOS digital publication with Callaway Digital Arts (responsible for Animation, Rig Development, Prototype Development, and Prototype Testing) All Characters by Sesame Street 3. "Howard Listens to His Heart" with We Do Listen (Responsible for rigs and animation) All Characters by We Do Listen 4. Health Presentation with Robots and Cupcakes (Responsible for rigs and animation) 5. Social Studies "Discovering America" Music Video with Flocabulary (Responsible for Animation)
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