12th on stage with rb - april 2015 | Stage 32 Staff - Julie

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Stage 32 Staff - Julie

12th On Stage with RB - April 2015

The First Anniversary of On Stage With RB was jam-packed with great information! RB spends some time talking about Stage 32’s recent happenings including speaking at LMU for an advance screening of Silicon Valley with HBO, Stage 32 being at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival and exciting Stage 32 meetups and blogs. He then opens up the floor to his 2 special guests for an insightful hour:

Jon Sperry, world renowned voice acting and dialect coach joins RB and tells us a story about how ordering ice cream as a kid helped prepare him for his life as a voice dialect coach. You’ll have to watch to see! He talks about how it’s important to discuss the nuances of a craft in order to perfect it. He talks about working with Philip Seymor Hoffman, Harvey Keitel and Sofia Vergara and the globalization of entertainment industry. Regularity of your practice and opening up your mind is what helps make you successful. And, with anything, practice, practice, practice will be the only way you get better.

Jake Detharidge, head of development at 3311 Productions talks about packaging television and features having recently sold 9 projects to television. He talks about the difference between when a project is packaged and when it’s just an “idea”.As an independent filmmaker if you want to go after financing, you need to have an entire game plan ready. If you are planning on going to studios, they will buy the idea and put their own people in place, including producers, directors and actors. “It’s an exciting time and opportunity exists everywhere.” Jake takes us from concept of a project to exposure and the opportunities that are available online.“Learn about the business. Read Deadline, read the Hollywood Reporter,” is a piece of advice he imparts, as well as to think about the target audience as you’re developing your project. With a global audience, there is a lower barrier of entry. You can choose your destiny - be in control, put in the time, be a collaborator, do research, get active.

Q&A included:

  • What if as a Producer you want to help a new Director step into the world of feature filmmaking? What is the best way to bridge coming from smaller projects to larger ones?
  • I'm curious about how to apply this information to a reality series idea. What kind of 'bible' or materials are needed to 'pitch' or sell the reality series idea? And if you're outside of the industry, how do you get that idea in front of the people who can buy it?
  • What is the best software for packaging?
  • Is an MFA from a film school beneficial for a director who wants to direct feature films? Or should one put the money towards their own work and amp up their demo reel?
  • What are the main crew needed to do a quality sizzle reel for a feature film idea (proof of concept)??
  • Do I need a management company as a writer pitching a screenplay? Are there more advantages to having a management company to aid my efforts in finding the right fit for my script?
  • If, like me, you live in Wisconsin, and you have a world-class miniseries idea, how do you get your script read noticed without Hollywood connections?
  • “Networking is 50% of your job, and if you’re not doing it you’re losing”
  • How does a writer protect his script or pitch from plagiarism when having it read or pitched for consideration?
  • Not a question but a comment.I've been on Stage 32 for 3 months now, and I'm so glad I found this site.I enjoy RB's webinars (and congrats on the anniversary) but I just want to pass on that what's best about this site is that as I connect and grow my network, I find it inspires me to work harder at my art and to learn and reach higher and farther, both in terms of the quality of my work, and the dedication.Thank you RB and everyone at S32.
  • What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out with an end goal of working in the studio system?. How is it different from pursuing a career in the independent realm?. (I'm a composer, but feel free to speak generally).
  • Where is a good place for a Producer to find other Producers to collaborate with for larger projects?
  • What are some unique ideas you've heard of to promote a KickStarter campaign for a film?
  • I’ve trued 2 Indiegogo raises and neither has hit their goal. When do I know it’s time to just give up?
  • What is the best way to select a director and build a strong production team for your short film? I have no idea where to start.
  • How will the new California tax incentives benefit filmmakers?
  • “It's NEVER time to give up!”
  • I have found that so many managers only want to sign clients with projects that they want to co produce and not necessarily be a manager of a screenwriter's career.How do we get around that?
  • If I was hired by a producer to write a feature film, should I be obligated to ask him first to look at my other scripts to see if he is interested? or should I wait until we develop a relationship and finish the movie we are on before I ask him the question?
  • Is it possible to get a network or studios attention on my mini-series by submitting a treatment or should it be in script format?
  • After registering a screenplay with WGA or the copyright office, do you have to reregister it every time you make revisions?
  • Can I pitch a shooting script to a management company or should I keep it strictly story and minimal shot information presented?
  • I’m directing my first indie. I landed a great actress who’s been around a long time but she has so many demands – how do I deal with difficult talent? Everyone else is excited for the project.

Rapid Fire Question:

  • RB - The new Avengers movie comes out May 1st. Which of the Avengers do you find you most relate to?.
  • Thoughts on Star Wars Episode 7?
  • Best place you’ve ever travelled?
  • What size shoe are you?
  • Favorite script you’ve written?
  • Which superhero do you relate to: 1.) Captain America, 2.) Hulk, 3.) Iron Man.
  • Wellse or Hitchcock?
  • Thoughts on Star Wars Episode 7?
  • Favorite Combos flavor? (the snack treat you pick up at the gas station)
  • Favorite place you’ve ever traveled?
  • What size shoe are you?
  • Are you married?
  • If you had your chance to run into a field filled with flowers and daises or in a small house filled with 100 dogs, what would you do?
  • Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
  • Can I get RB's autograph? Im a huge fan of his Kimite

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