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Len Brown

House Call Vets - In This Episode

House Call Vets is a new television show being produced by Beacon Productions, Ridgeline Entertainment and Concept-2-Motion. It is currently being pitched to a number of networks. Synopsis: Dr. Sharmyn Clark, Dr. Julia Morrow and Vet. Tech, Jen Nugent, are veterans of the animal medicine and surgery world. In this one small corner of northeast Ohio, where suburbia and dense forest collide, these mobile veterinarians have seen it all. From a crazy squirrel destroying someone’s kitchen to a raccoon tangled in a youth soccer field net to a diamond wedding ring stuck in the belly of a potbelly pig. These doctors handle their jobs with compassion and a sense of humor. For these loving and passionate doctors, caring for and protecting animals is more than just a “pet project.” They honestly believe all living creatures, not just the domesticated ones, deserve their undivided attention and medical support. And they will do anything and go anywhere to ensure they get it. Some visits require all their expertise while others only require a simple belly rub. Covering miles everyday in their vehicles, adventure is never far away. You never know what to expect until their cell phone rings and they’re off to the next case. But to complicate things even more, both Dr. Julia and Jen are new mothers who juggle family life with their careers. Changing diapers and saving animals are all in a day’s work for them. Besides her house call practice, Dr. Sharmyn Clark and her partner, Mark McGrievy, have a rescue barn full of furry critters they’ve saved from some very bad situations. Some are permeate residents, while others they adopt out to new homes. In the rural real world, where humans and wild, domesticated, and feral animals intermingle on a daily basis, there are many happy endings and some extremely sad ones. One thing is for certain, however, when it comes to House Call Vets - there is no end to the drama and inspiration. The action is non-stop for these real life House Call Vets. Ride along as these doctors encounter fur, fangs, and fun. It’s a tail-wagging good time!

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