Carnival tale (swedish cast recording reel) | J.C. Schütz

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J.C. Schütz

Carnival Tale (Swedish Cast Recording reel)

Currently in final recording stage for release later this year or early 2016. Carnival Tale (Tivolisaga) is a romantic comedy pop'n'roll take on Romeo and Juliet, and the Swedish production premiered in 2013. Performers: Linnea Källström Olle Petersson Karl Sanner Loiuce Ottosson Johan Ivarson and more... All lyrics by J.C. Schütz 1. Hela världen snurrar (All the world is spinning) Music by Pettersson 2. Bli nånting stort (Be something big) Music by Schütz 3. Snart går solen upp (Soon the sun will rise) Music by Schütz 4. Marilyn (Marilyn) Music by Schütz 5. Är det rätt (Is it right?) Music by Schütz 6. Bråktango (Argument tango) Music by Schütz 7. Vilken lycka (Such a pleasure) Music by Schütz 8. Leva sitt liv (Live your life) Music by Schütz & Pettersson 9. Jag kommer ingenstans (Ain't gettin' anywhere) Music by Schütz 10. Tvillingpiruett (Twin pirouette) Music by Schütz 11. Min värld ligger ljusår från din (My world is lightyears from yours) Music by Schütz 12. Shakespeare Street (Shakespeare Street) Music by Schütz & Pettersson 13. Ett ögonblick till (One more moment) Music by Schütz

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