All things hidden | Emanuel F. Camacho, Pmp

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Emanuel F. Camacho, Pmp

All Things Hidden

We find, in All Things Hidden, a young woman (Dannie Turner) in the midst of an emotional crisis making a heartbreaking journey to confront her tragic past. Once she arrives at her childhood home, we see that past through Dannie herself as a young girl. We meet her loving, wounded yet resilient mother, Maggie, and Dannie's embittered, alcoholic, father, Richard. Their marriage is a recipe for disaster, but like most disasters, we find we cannot look away as Maggie struggles to take back control of her life. Nor we can look away when we finally see Dannie transform all those years of guilt over the loss of her mother into forgiveness. As dark and difficult as ATH is, it is also full of hope, redemption, courage, love and life. And butterflies.

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