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Stage 32 Staff - Julie

On Stage With RB - April 2016

This month’s On Stage With RB was another jam-pack webinar:

Then, RB opened up the floor for an interactive Q&A:

  • Hello! I was asked to put together a "Producer's Package" for and Executive Producer who has an interest in my TV drama series. What are your insights on what needs to be included? Pilot episode is done already. Thank you.
  • I’m an actor and was inspired by Brian Patacca’s blog Actors! It's Time To Quit Waiting Around For A Break. What is your take on his 3rd video “What's the value in actors creating their own content?” 
  • Crowd funding now seems to require a degree of marketing acumen most filmmakers don't have. Do you have any advice on this?
  • Do people help you fund your project because of you or because of the project it self?
  • Is it wise to fund your own project?
  • Does the age of the screenwriter or author affect your opinion?
  • I have 15 chapters of a novel written. It's a psychological thriller and a true story. Should I go back and do like a synopsis of each chapters of what already written and treat as a proposal as long as it's under 100 pages? 
  • Over the past couple of years I have been getting some acting jobs in my home state in order to prepare myself for making the big move to Los Angeles. However, I hear that Atlanta is now presenting more opportunities. What is the difference in the markets?
  • I’m an actor based in Montreal, what are your suggested 3 best resources for an actor who is moving to LA?
  • I love the new opening page to Stage 32 and the messaging behind it. You and your whole staff just seem to be relentlessly positive. But as a creative, how do you stay that way? Doesn't anything get you down in your creative pursuits?
  • How do you stay motivated?
  • You talk about doing it yourself then you talk about your manager, who does what and how do you get that manager?
  • In the US, you have a manger and an agent... seems less so in the UK... more, just an agent... why's that?
  • RB said he reads the trades every morning. Can he runs us through what sites we should be frequenting and his typical morning routine?
  • Who is your favorite director online at 32 or elsewhere that has made an impact with his work that they have made? Great job you guys are doing!! I really enjoy it here!!! Keep up the great work.
  • RB, I just wanted to say thank you for your responsiveness on my Stage 32 Happy Writers request. With the old regime, as you have stated it, I sent 3 emails over 3 months regarding my coverage notes. I never received a response. You answered me in 6 minutes. And then Erik followed up no more than 10 minutes later. An hour later, I had my coverage. I am incredibly impressed. So thank you.
  • Hey, RB! If a potential manager has requested your script, and then asks what other scripts you have, but you have 1-2 uncompleted specs, how transparent should you be about this? Thanks!
  • Kassandra from Spain! I am writing and would like a manager, do you have any advice?
  • By the way, thanks to Stage32, I found out that a guy I attend church with was a Videographer! He's now involved in all of our online show productions. How do you compare to SLATED?
  • With as busy as you seem, are you still available for acting gigs?
  • I saw on the blog that you spoke at the Writers Guild last week on the subject of writers taking matters into their own hands and filming a short. I'm an actor who sometimes writes. I am more interested in being an actor than a writer. Should I film something to showcase my talents? Or will that seem desperate?
  • So, once you have your proof of concept short, take us through the next steps.
  • I recently pitched through the Stage 32 Happy Writers and received a script request from a manager who said the script wasn't right for him and offered some feedback. This is the first request I've had and I'm wondering how I should handle the rejection and the notes.
  • You always seem so calm, cool and collected. Does anything ever phase you?
  • I come from the business world and IP theft is a big concern. Listening to today's weibnar it sounds like that is different in the film industry? Is IP theft simply not a concern?
  • Hi from Puerto Rico, I decided to write my short stories I made up over the years, is posting them in the logline part of stage32 a good way to get feedback on them?
  • We've run two campaigns on Indiegogo two years ago, what's the chance community would support a third?
  • What is the best way for a composer to use Stage 32?
  • RB hypothetical: If you wanted to be a writer on HBO's Westworld, but didn't know anyone at HBO (or Universal) would you submit a writing sample, or try and find a way to become a writers assistant? Is HBO too high a goal for an unknown writer?
  • How do you balance a day job with being a creative?


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