Father 'n' son - campaign | Gionata Medeot

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Gionata Medeot

Father 'n' Son - Campaign

How difficult is it to be the Son of a celebrity? And what if this celebrity is a superhero? Philip Parker is the Son of "that" Parker! Please spread the word on social media, to your friends and family, to help us raise the full amount and get Father 'n' Son made! FOLLOW US: Facebook: www.facebook.com/FatherAndSonMovie FUNDRASING: https://www.eppela.com/en/projects/8084-father-n-son Director: Gionata Medeot Executive Producer: Oki Doki Film, ID-ENTITY SA Producer: Nicolò Chiaramonte Actors: Luca Nucera, William Angiuli, Elisabetta Del Medico Co-Producers: Alessandra Puggioni, Giorgia Corradetti DOP: Andrea Monachello Camera Operator: Paolo Zaninelli Sound Designer: Marco Pasquale Set Designer: Matteo Maiocchi Costume Designer: Armida Pellegatta Film Editor: Davide Smerieri Colorist: Agnese Puricelli Copywriter & Translator: Barbara Caremoli Storyboard Artist: Valeria Lungaroni Visual Effect Supervisor Tommaso Molteni

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