Queen of the west 60 sec. for picseeder contest (enhanced) | Gary Tucker

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Gary Tucker

Queen of the West 60 sec. for Picseeder Contest (Enhanced)

Music Samples not owned by me. They are; *Yoko Kanno-Macross Plus Soundtrack 2: "Welcome to Spare fish" & +Radiohead -Amnesiac: "I Might Be Wrong" This is one of my first editing projects, a 60 second submission to the Picseeder Filmmaker Contest in 2012 or 2013. The story is basically a bio pic "Stagecoach" Mary Fields, a former slave in Tennessee, who upon gaining her freedom, relocated to the new, untamed frontier of the Wild West. She would earn a reputation of being a hard drinkin', cigar smokin', and proficient gun handlin' black female NOBODY messed with, and 6" 200 pounds, she was able to hold her own with any man. From serving a Christian outpost school for Native American girls ran by her close friend, to becoming the second official employee for the United Postal Service as well as owning a laundry business in her later years, Mary Fields constantly overcame odds standing in her path and can serve as a model of inspiration to anyone. I still want to someday produce/be apart of a bio pic production featuring her story.

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