Bad trip a film, exposing the domestic violence issue by dasha german | Dasha German

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Dasha German

BAD TRIP a film, exposing the domestic violence issue by Dasha German

Here at Stage32, we are passionate about speaking our truth through our art, so I thought I would share this with you. A few months ago my good friend was attacked by her husband with a knife in her kitchen. Why? Because she asked for a divorce. That story was a nightmare, but she was able to survive. When it happened, she reached out to me asking for help. If you ask me how many people found out about this story, I’ll tell you – just a few. Women who are victims of such cases are afraid to talk about them, stand for themselves or seek justice. How many of those women are out there in this country? In the world? And how much do we know about their stories? We know NOTHING. That story motivated me to write "BAD TRIP" - a film which I am directing next month with a strong intention of bringing awareness to victims of domestic violence with a clear message: They are not victims; they are survivors and their stories are deserved to be told. It is not a studio film that's why I have launched a campaign to raise funds to finance the making of this film, it would be AWESOME if you could make a pledge and support us by end of the day TODAY, of ANY amount. Sharing our campaign on your social media is as helpful as a donation. And doing BOTH goes a long way to helping bring 'BAD TRIP' to life! From all Female Filmmakers out there: THANK YOU. Shareable link:

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