#38, scythe stab! ... c d | Artisan James

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#32, The Rise! (Take Two) Putting on the Hood... C D

This is a practice demo of me trying to create or invent a character... or what could be a new villain/ monster in horror! What I'm doing is just a template, a starting point, for concept awareness...

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I've done a lot of pitch videos touching upon many different facets of my horror spec, all of which could be useful insight someday to whoever reads it or sees it's potential.. Here is another snippet...

Artisan James

#38, Scythe Stab! ... C D

Just a new movement, with a neat little sound effect and all! What I'm doing is just a template, a starting point for concept awareness. I don't want to play the new antagonist in my original horror spec. I'm just the writer. Somebody else can do that... like a pro actor or stunt guy/ athletic... with a little more stature than myself that can really pull off the role and elevate it even further, but the screenplay does exist, see the CD Script Teaser now @ > https://www.stage32.com/media/2353610449850737327?ref=search&autoplay=1 ...Also on Instagram & Twitter... Stay Safe & Keep Creating. It will recede. April 29, 2020 --- REPLAY

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