The window pain // attempts at poetry | Zack Dictakis

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Zack Dictakis

The Window Pain // Attempts at Poetry

My dad, Nick Dictakis, was a stoic man. He didn't ever share his artistic expression. He was an enormous fan of the arts, though, and would read, listen to, and watch every play, song, or video I created. He used to say to my mother, "I have no idea where he gets it." After he passed in 2016, I found a box of poetry and a notebook titled "Attempts at Poetry by Nick Dictakis" filled with beautiful words and jarring poetic story telling. This poem, 'The Window Pain' is one of my favorites. The choice of words and imagery is visceral. I believe most of us have felt the universality of these feelings before. I think he would have been embarrassed at first to know I went through his 'attempts' at poetry, but I am so proud. I am proud that my father was a poet. I hope it would flatter him to know how much I adore and appreciate the gift of these words. I get it from you, dad.

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