Perception, by tatiana a. gordeeva, pigments 3 synth by arturia used exclusively! | Tatiana Gordeeva

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My Glass Octopus (4K) - Video by Schmidt Ocean Institute, soundtrack by Tatiana A. Gordeeva

Thé latest video by the Schmidt Ocean Institute @schmidtocean where they showed deep ocean images captured by SuBastian, their own ROV, launched from their research vessel Falkor, during a 34-day exp...

Oceania by Tatiana A. Gordeeva

An ambient musical experience evoking the unreal nature of real Nature. The world's deep oceans are the stuff of sci-fi; they represent the twilight zone of ...

Tatiana Gordeeva

Perception, by Tatiana A. Gordeeva, Pigments 3 synth by Arturia used exclusively!

A mind bending, dystopian, future noir, cross between Blade Runner, Inception, Orwell's 1984, Terminator, etc. This track underlines the fact that reality is...

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