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This is a compilation of some (older) stunts I have done. Aikido is the foundation of my stunt work. Scenes are taken from movies Häjyt (Solar Films), Strandvaskaren (Greta Film), Skärgårds doktorn...


This is an old commercial from late 90's . We shot it in Stockholm. The stunt was coordinated by my friend Kimmo and I was privileged to.... well ....you'll see ... Kimmo's page: http://www.imdb.co...

Arlene Sorkin

"The Bully" - OfficialTrailer

"The Bully", a short film, tells the tale of a Muslim girl who is starting a new school and finds herself the victim of relentless bullying.  In the resulting emotional turmoil, she finds allies and salvation in unexpected places.  It is a story of intolerance, but also a story of kindness, forgiveness, and redemption. Rated PG-13 (25 minutes). The Bully is based on the song “Stop Bullying” by Jiggy Jada aka G.I. Jayne. Executive Producers Jacquelyn Wilson, M.M.O.B. Entertainment and Maurice Wilson, Black Moes Art Music; Producer/Director, Gerald Barclay, Gee-Bee Productions; Producer, Arlene Sorkin, IlluminArt Productions; Screenplay by Yougnesse Williams

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