Rolling thunder® inc. chapter 3, va | Bert L . Morgan

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Bert L . Morgan

Rolling Thunder® Inc. Chapter 3, VA

This documentary is finally finished. It is currently on cable access and being prepped for PBS in the Northern Virginia area markets. John Amos and Robert Patrick are supporters of the Rolling Thunder mission and were glad to be a part of it's creation. Connie Stevens and Nancy Sinatra were also supporters. The purpose of this program is to showcase all the many things that this chapter, one of many throughout 32 states, does for our veterans all throughout the year. The Rolling Thunder® Organization has existed for the 26 years and has many supporters from Congress and the Military. I am a member and hold the position as Media Director, Chapter 3, VA. I invite you to visit my web site at BLM Productions for more information about this program and many more. I would also invite any comments from our membership at Stage 32, enjoy the trailer.

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