Pieces & parts promo video | Kerry Brent Hower

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IMDB reel

This is a compilation of some (older) stunts I have done. Aikido is the foundation of my stunt work. Scenes are taken from movies Häjyt (Solar Films), Strandvaskaren (Greta Film), Skärgårds doktorn...

" Tight Framings "

As a part of my study " Aikido - the way of expression " we shot some material using Hi8 and 8 mm film. We also did some experiments to find out how difficult /or easy it was to to stay in frames. I...

Kerry Brent Hower

PIECES & PARTS Promo Video

Promotional Pre Production Teaser Video for the feature film " PIECES & PARTS" Written and Directed by Kerry Brent Hower. Production Trailer Coming SOON!!! https://www.facebook.com/PiecesAndParts Theme Song - HINDER "Two Sides Of Me" Hinder owns the rights to this song.

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