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Grand Prize Winner 2013_A Cry for a Hero by Jonathan Womack The “A CRY FOR A HERO” promotion is aimed at reaching potential Film Producers, Directors, and Film Production companies with the goal of acquiring a movie option for Jonathan Womack’s out-of-body superhero novel, “A CRY FOR A HERO”. We welcome unsolicited inquiries, opinions and suggestions from industry professionals regarding this exciting Sci-Fi/fantasy project. Jonathan Womack approached us for Film Rights representation, and “A CRY FOR A HERO” is the first book in the series, which is followed by RAM I AM, the sequel, which is also available. A Cry for a Hero graphic novel trailer - Jonathan Womack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx-UFpUwPRE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9BVLPeNdAk&list=PL6CF74688B500537B http://www.jonathanwomack.com/Multimedia.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySDdH7-Z4YU ABOUT THE AUTHOR Musician, martial artist, author, and out-of-body explorer Jonathan Womack is committed to raising awareness to topics which are related to the spiritual world, and even our connection with Mars. Jonathan freely lectures on his own amazing out-of-body episodes, which began at a very early age, to provide, at least from his personal standpoint, a clearer understanding of how he views the soul's experiences and existence before, during, and after life - in a captivating and compelling manner, cloaked in an approachable, aw-shucks Midwest charm. Jonathan is employed by Harvard University's Graduate School of Education, where he still works nights in the multi-media curriculum, and writes in his spare time. He's had a positive impact on many people looking for even the briefest glimpse of what it all means and why we are here. He resides outside of Boston and is currently at work on his new book "RAM I AM, and the sequel to "A CRY FOR A HERO" MORE ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jonathan Womack is an unusual man to say the least, and one endowed with a high level of spirituality, but is also one of remarkable humility. Jonathan's story is unique and rare too in itself, perhaps because what happened to him at a very young age proving very unsettling at the time, was not altogether uncommon. He is a man with a vision too, and has never abandoned his own values and personal convictions for that matter, remaining true to himself and what he believes in even from the time he was a mere lad. He has maintained a constant in his convictions, and has never wavered a single gradient from his mission, since he experienced this unusual but also bewildering and daunting event at an impressionable young age, where that sort of thing was probably unlikely to be the norm for most of his peers. However, sometimes such an ability is beyond a person's control at any age, and some of us may have been born with instincts and that certain uncanny '6th sense'; providing those ones who are in possession of it with a little more insight, instinct and leverage, being able to embrace it without question or doubt, and bravely accept such a remarkable gift with both hands. The experience procured a most profound effect upon young Jonathan at the time however, and which gradually carved its imprint on his psyche, and it drove him on to making a firm personal resolution fueled by both aim of purpose and mindset, and began to research and ferret out the answers he had been craving for to the many unanswered questions which had begun to formulate in his furtive and inquiring mind. As the years ensued the author came to realize that his amazing ability and experience was a kind of privilege handed him, and which ushered him ever onward to begin reading as much as he could on the subject of the OBE phenomenon. From that point onward this desire to know all he could about it, progressed on to doing more serious and intense research and study into this branch of the human psyche. Much ground has since been covered and now a mature man, a graphic novelist, a tutor at Harvard, and a Publisher himself, Jonathan Womack has written several books of his own and conducts regular seminars in which he gives frequent talks on his own experiences, and how he deals with them. OBE, as its referred to is a state of being, where a fully conscious person realizes that they are actually hovering outside their own physical body, and from the statistics and interviews conducted with those who have had such an experience, most insist what they remembered of the experience was very vivid in detail and had not left them with any sort of post fuzzy memory or lingering sense of having just experienced some kind of dream or nightmare, but instead maintained that they actually did feel they were fully awake during these 'phases'. These 'phases' have been described as a physically tangible sensation much the same as in being awake and fully conscious, where space and time to the individual appears to be just as real in terms of perception and structure, emotions and physical sensations experienced during a phase, as to actually being wide awake. The physical sensations often prove even more intense than those of the waking reality. One can also walk, touch, hear, see, eat, and experience joy or pain, and much more. In addition, one can now fly, walk through walls, morph into other creatures, and so forth. (Bring it on I say, lol!) It still remains a debatable topic of contention among many skeptics, various branches of the medical and scientific fraternity, and religious factions, as to whether this is in actuality a reality or is merely an imagined state of being. Is it possible that it may also partially have much to do with being directly connected to the electrical/magnetic fields/components/areas and over productive pheromones and our overactive brain's functioning playing tricks on our sense of perception and reality? The brain is the most powerful powerhouse and chore of all our functioning - and is actually the larger and more profound heartbeat of our entire existence, regulating and delegating commands 24/7 to all our organs, muscles and bones and our pump, our heart. The body in kind then mimics and performs these brain fired commands right on queue by instinct, which can be a conscious or subconscious response. It seems from reports received from various quarters that during these 'Out of Body' phases when our Soul/Psyche/Spirit becomes detached from our flesh and blood vassel, our body, but stays connected by what manifests as an invisible tether-like silver cord, is also common but not experienced by everyone who goes through it. Could this imaginary/surreal/or manifestation of the 'phase' be perhaps a psychologically produced impression in the deepest recesses of our consciousness, serving as a symbolic lifeline in a sense to stay in control and connected in both body and mind/soul. The impressionable areas where we perceive, assimilate, and receive information and impressions and imagery, absorbed from newsreels, books, or what we may have seen in movies and what ever other challenges and influences we have encountered and been exposed to over a lifetime has also much to do with how each person experiences things. In various stages of existing as in whilst asleep, awake, in a deep coma, experiencing dreams/nightmares, or....an 'OBE Phase'. All of this data has imprinted their impressions leaving embedded fragments in the seat of our 'subconscious conditioning'. The phenomenon of the 'Life after death experience' experienced by an astounding number of people (both young and old) comes to mind, and which has so commonly been recited and regaled by so many people/patients, that were once clinically pronounced dead - for example after undergoing a complicated operation, or who have become victims of an accident whose hearts momentarily stopped beating, but were revived back to life thanks to the assistance of modern medical technology. For those who have studied and trained at this level of 'consciousness of being' such as in the practices of higher levels of Yoga, will have learned to harness, control and manipulate this new found plane of existing, and how to do so safely and under controlled conditions by gradual variants and gradients. With the right mindset and full familiarization and study of these practices, we might all be able to learn how to perfect and apply an induction into this amazing state or phase‘ of being/existing, and that there is nothing to be feared. There is yet still so much to learn and discover about the functioning of that amazing mass that sits between our ears called the ‘brain’, which regulates and dictates our every move in all our decision making and the way our bodies function, and the various remarkable complex zones which are mapped out inside the human brain which we already know much about, but also realize we have in actuality only just reached the edge or tip of the proverbial iceberg of a whole new frontier. We have yet so much to explore and learn about the miracle that is our brain matter. I am sure there is much more to research and discover yet in the future, and how we might manipulate our brain, and the various states of being we might actually well be capable of. This also bring to mind an other area of control such as in the branch of Hypnotic suggestion dynamic, which is proving another remarkable terrain of human exploration, and the affects of auto-induced suggestion on our human behavioral activities. Our Author is certainly making his own contributions, as he relates unabashedly to willing listeners about his own OBE experiences, and by bringing an awareness to anyone who is receptive enough and wishes to learn more about it. Jonathan Womack does what he can both when chatting to his audiences at conferences and seminars, or conducting live Radio Interviews which he periodically provides to his audiences. This bring me to his projects and in particular his creation, a graphic novel and the first book in the series entitled "A CRY FOR A HERO" and its sequel “RAM I AM”, which were both products generated by his own experiences over his lifetime of exploration into the spiritual world, and his OBE experienced as a frightened young lad, who was sure that on that particular night at 3.00 am in the morning, whilst everyone in the house was fast asleep, he was going to be trampled upon in his bed whilst he lay playing 'dead' , as he heard "BIG FOOT'S " big feet approach with aim of purpose stamping along the corridor making a beeline towards his bedroom, to come and devour him alive. We do not doubt for a single moment that Jonathan Womack will be making his own "Big Footed" mark (perhaps Big Foot's Legacy left to him) upon the film and entertainment industry, literary and other media sectors, and last but not least... the Silver Screen. Keep watching this space surrounding updates and more news from the realm of cinematic miracles and blockbusters. Copyright ©January, 2014by Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert. All rights reserved ANNOUNCEMENT: LOCAL AUTHOR TO RECEIVE AWARDS (BOSTON: January 6, 2014) For local author Jonathan Womack, 2013 was an auspicious year. Last July, his out-of-body superhero adventure, A CRYFOR A HERO, won Top Honors at the Hollywood Book Festival, an annual event honoring books with the highest potential for film, TV, graphic novel,gaming, and multimedia franchising. As a follow up, Womack learned onDecember 24th, 2013 that his sci-fi thriller, OLD SOULS (2nd Ed. Hardcover, June 2013 Charles River Press), was awarded Best Science Fiction by the New England Book Festival. Womack has since received interest from Hollywood and sees himself as a step closer to realizing his big screen goals. Womack will be giving a seminar titled, "10 Things You didn't Know About Publishing" from 1:15pm to 2:30pm.Saturday, Jan. 18th, 2014 at the New England Book Festival held each year at the Omni Parker House in Boston. The festival is free and open to the public and includes a daytime book fair and publishing seminar focused on developments in the fast-changing world of independent and mainstream book publishing. The Parker House is a grand literary hotel where Thoreau, Emerson and Longfelllow met at the legendary Saturday club for poetry readings and high-minded discussions. In addition to panels, readings and presentations, there will be a special “Drinks with the Author” exhibition area where attendees can purchase a book and enjoy a free cocktail of their choosing with the author. The day the festival takes place from noon to 5pm, Admission is free to anyone who cares to come and listen in. For more information visit The New England Book Festival website. # # # SAVE THE DATE!!! New England Book FestivalOmni Parker House Hotel, 60 School Street in Boston, 02108. Jonathan Womack Seminar "10 ThingS You didn't Know About Publishing" Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014 from 1:15 to 2:30pm

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