A platform 2c film "jailhouse dog 3d" (2d 720p version) | Bryan Samson

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Bryan Samson

A Platform 2C Film "JAILHOUSE DOG 3D" (2D 720p Version)

Lord Grant's half brother (Otto) the black sheep of the family gets his revenge by calling the CTAP (Cruelty to Animals Police) and claiming Lord Grant and various others close to him are being cruel to animals. Then CTAP a sinister animal rights organisation purporting to be kind to animals yet they destroy more than they save, manage to get all the dogs by some very devious means. Lord Grant manages to exert some pressure through friends in the legal system to get the animals back in the upcoming court case. Mean while Otto bribes a dodgy vet to have them all destroyed before that can happen. The actors used range from just starting out with minimal training, to those who are now appearing on TV so please appreciate they are all doing their very best but there is a significant range of acting ability amongst them. While the story of JAILHOUSE DOG is entirely fictional as are the characters it may surprise you to learn that the majority of the events concerning animals shown in the film although taken out of their original context are true as are many of the powers used. The gap between animal welfare and animal rights has over the last ten years or so quietly widened to the point where it is now a very worrying difference seriously impacting on peoples rights. We hope this film while for your entertainment primarily will also stimulate enthusiastic debate on just how much people's rights can or should be ignored and abused in favour of animal rights. Please help us to get the message out and share this film far and wide as this issue is a world wide issue. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. No animals were harmed in any way during the making of this film although some humans may have been. There is a full 1080p HD 3D version and this is available for broadcast please contact us for further details. Running time 1 hour plus. For more information on Platform 2c please visit www.platform2c.com. If you enjoyed the film please leave us a tip to help with the costs for the next one. © NFD Productions Ltd 2014

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