Clarence was a frog | Woody Splawn

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Woody Splawn

Clarence was a frog

People think this is a song for children. It's not. It's an autobiography that little children seem to like. The lyrics go tell it best. Clarence was a frog and he lived beneath the moon and his heart went thump and his eyes bugged out when he thought about his girlfriend Celia. But she didn't know Clarence was alive and ya know it even made him cry. Though the moon came up and the stars shown bright and the nights were made for love Clarence sat alone, in the middle of the pond, shootin flies with his big dumb tongue. Cause Clarence didn't know, how to let his feelings show. No he couldn't relate, So he'd sit and wait, by himself on his Lilly-pad home. But then one night with his mind a fright He decided to change his ways. So he sang his song but he sang so strong That the other frogs moved away So Clarence never knew What the other froggies do No he never found out what it’s all about And he croaked all alone and blue. (Note: When I wrote this song I penned the line above, said "Ha Ha" and put it away for some 40 years. But then, at about age 55, I said to myself, "this is no way to end a song", so I wrote the last two verses as follows) But then one night with his mind a fright He decided to change his ways So he sang his song and he sang so long That the other frogs let him stay So Clarence finally knew what the other froggies do Yes he finally found out what it's all about and he lived --- the way he was --- supposed to. This recording (located in my profile) like all my others, is not a "master". It's a "demo". I put it together just so anyone who is serious about it will get the idea. You obviously will need to go into a studio and do it right. But I have all the sheet-music and it's easily reproduced. © Copyright Registration: PA u 2-744-830 . Email:

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