Howlin at the moon | Woody Splawn

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Woody Splawn

Howlin at the Moon

Most would consider this Country Music I suppose; and I guess it is. When you're love striuck it can bring out something visceral in you. You may surprise yourself when you feel like Howling at the moon. Copyright 2001. Woody Splawn I'm howlin at the moon, I'm takin in my pride, I'm callin out to you. I don't care if people know, Just let the record show, I'm howlin at the moon. I'm shootin for the stars, I just flew past the sun, I'm coming out to you. I may not die but I don't know, Just let the record show, I'm howlin at the moon. In another place and time, I'll still love you just the same. Till the stars no longer shine, I'll be callin out your name. I'm howlin at the moon, I'm all tore up inside, There's nothin I can do. I don't mean to make a show, And as for why, well I don't know, I'm howlin at the moon.

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