Seeds along the way | Woody Splawn

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Woody Splawn

Seeds along the way

This is a bit of an unusual song for me. It is taken from the Parable of the Sower - Luke 8:5-8. I have been told several times that it has a child-like quality, which surprises me. I actually wrote it with a full orchestra and choir in mind, but not having the resources to present it that way, I did all the voices myself. If you're not in a hurry, you might get something out of it. Copyright Woody Splawn 2013. (Reg#: SRu 1-148-320). Lyrics follow: Seeds along the way, Cast before the Lord. Nothing but the word, Seeds along the way. Some refuse to grow. Some refuse to stay. Nothing but the word, Seeds along the way. Sowing - Sowing - Sowing Seeds along the way. Growing - Growing - Growing Seeds along the way. Plant them in your heart. Plant them in your mind. Deep within your soul. Seeds along the way. The way - The way the way - Seeds Along the Way. Seeds along the way, Sown before the Lord, Shouting out the word, Seeds along the way. Some refuse to grow, Some will turn away, Scorched before the Lord, Seeds along the way.

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