If ever there was a time or place | Woody Splawn

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Woody Splawn

If ever there was a time or place

This is a love song with three main sections, any of which would make a great support to variety romantic love scenes. This could be sung by a male or female. The song is scored in Sibelius for easy sheet music reproduction. This is just me an a synthesizer. The last third of the song may not make sense without reading the lyrics. These are available in the Resume section of my profile In the first section the man laments the fact that though he's trying to love her, he doesn't actually see her in his dreams. He doesn't dream about her in that way because she doesn't follow his lead and it's hard to be attracted to her when what he wants to do is basically right. In the second section he laments the fact that the feelings mentioned above notwithstanding he pushes himself off on her more than he should. He knows it's a turn-off but for reasons he himself may not understand he needs her. The final section to this song was written 40 years after the fact. That is, most of the song was written in 1974. She has long-sense passed away. This song is best listened to with earphones or a good set of speakers. The final section has one voice playing off another - something like you might see in Les Miserable's. It is best understood with the lyrics in front of you. Lyrics are available in the Resumes section of my profile. The song is just a slice of life - three slices actually. Same life, same couple. But, if you just relax and enjoy the music I think it will touch the heart of an inquiring mind. Understood in it's totality or not, the various sections lend themselves well to a variety of scenes. Written, arranged and scored by Woody Splawn. Copyright 1974 Woody Splawn. The written score may be obtained upon request.

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