Event has ended Stage 32 Cannes Film Festival '15 Meet-Up

37 Attendees

Joe Orlandino Joe Orlandino Organizer
Rowan Morrigan Rowan Morrigan
director, editor, producer, visual effects artist
Marcus Massey Marcus Massey
actor, voice artist
Paul Desira Paul Desira
James E. Oxford James E. Oxford + 1 Guests
manager, producer
Anil Kumar Anil Kumar
Soni Jorgensen Soni Jorgensen + 1 Guests
screenwriter, script consultant
Ellenor Argyropoulos Ellenor Argyropoulos
cinematographer, colorist, director, editor
Loubna Berrada Loubna Berrada
business development/sales
Vasim Khan Vasim Khan
Martine Melloul Martine Melloul + 1 Guests
Charmane Wedderburn Charmane Wedderburn + 1 Guests
Sandro Mastronardi Sandro Mastronardi + 2 Guests
John Rhodes John Rhodes
Colleen Keane Colleen Keane
Dirk Vandereyken Dirk Vandereyken + 3 Guests
actor, casting director, choreographer, film/theatre journalist, host/presenter, marketing/pr, other, performance coach, screenwriter, script consultant, script supervisor, story analyst, stunt coordinator
Aurite Kouts Aurite Kouts + 1 Guests
Jamee Natella Jamee Natella + 1 Guests
Sophia Kiapos Sophia Kiapos + 3 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Perry de Loor Perry de Loor + 1 Guests
director, editor, producer, screenwriter
Roopashree Jeevaji Roopashree Jeevaji
actor, producer
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Stage 32 Cannes Film Festival '15 Meet-Up

Where: Cannes Film Festival '15
Boulevard de la Croisette
Cannes, France
When: Friday, May 15th
4:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 5 years ago
Updated 5 years ago
Note! ​Please leave your contact info (mobile #, FourSquare, Wazzup, email, Viber, etc)
About the meetup

​Any Stage 32'ers heading to Cannes in May?
If so, let's connect for a meet & greet somewhere convenient and accessible near the Palais along the Croisette.
Let's kick it around and come up with a plan.

- Joe
Rowan Morrigan

Joe, this is great! Yes, I'm going and am interested in a Stage32 meetup. I think I'm getting in Tuesday evening so I'd prefer to meet (maybe informally) earlier than Friday. But there's plenty of time to iron out details. Rowan

Ken Koh

I'm going to try and make it.

Anil Kumar

i will be there from 13th,hope we can meet

Soni Jorgensen

Thanks for the initiative! I'll be there 13-20th. soni@jorgensen.com + cell:+46-73-6005051.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hi everyone - we will be making an official announcement soon and will create a new meetup for the event!

Loubna Berrada

Thanks for the initiative, that's a great idea and I would be happy to meet ! loubna.berrada@hec.edu

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Just wanted to update you, here is the official Stage 32 Cannes Panel & Meetup: https://www.stage32.com/blog/Yes-We-Cannes-Stage-32-Officially-at-2015-C...

Charmane Wedderburn

Hi everyone, I looking forward to you all there.

Charmane Wedderburn

Hi Joe, i will be coming with 4 GUESTS , on the 15 May in Cannes. do i have to regesrter there name or come under my name?

Anil Kumar

im reaching there on 13th. anilkumar@irisgreenfilm.com just mail me.

Dirk Vandereyken

Glad to meet and talk about PR and/or our newest film project, Achtung! Cthulhu: The Secret War.

Lucas Tavernier

I arrive on May 14th in the evening and stay till May 17th in the afternoon. I will try to make it!

Lucas Tavernier

Where exactly is the venue for the event on the 15th?

Sophia Kiapos

Sophia Kiapos +3- sophia@maidenvoyageproductions.com looking forward to receiving all the info! see you there!

Roopashree Jeevaji

Hope to be there. Can you please email me the details. Thanks. roopajeevaji@gmail.com

Nicolas Dillen

I would like to join the meet-up in Cannes (15/05/'15), although I cannot see the invite button. I would be bringing two guests, a producer (Marwan Morowa) and a director (Freddy Lond).

Rowan Morrigan

Where? The Croisette is large and crowded! Phone 0686152182

Sandro Mastronardi

Is this event stil on? or is the one of the 21st replacing this one? I can be mailed at cannes@sandromastronardi.com (I can check that mail here....

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

We don't know if anyone ever settled on a time and place for this meetup, but some Stage 32 members are at the NEXT Pavilion right now and RB and Amanda will be there for at least another hour. The NEXT Pavilion is (225 Pantiero-side).

Rowan Morrigan

No, I don't see that this ever happened. From what I can tell, Joe Orlandino set it up then just blew it off. I think the staff of Stage32 really needs to say something to the organizer when something like this happens. I'm in Cannes now and wanted to meet others here. I tried and tried to email, friend, and call the organizer but he never responded. I could've organized this myself but it was already set-up but 40 people are disappointed. Stage 32 Staff: Please say something to the organizer!!

Cristina Cironi

Well sometimes things happen and an event does not go through ...we are still in Cannes so ...view@mild.gr

Dani Masterson

Hi guys Id love to join! Whats app 00353851459959 :) www.danimasterson.com

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