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Solomon Rothman Solomon Rothman Organizer
actor, director, editor, screenwriter
Eddie Orozco Eddie Orozco
content creator, director, screenwriter
Lindsay Arends Lindsay Arends + 1 Guests
Ramprasad Sundar Ramprasad Sundar + 1 Guests
music composer, sound designer, sound editor, sound mixer
Michael Aronson Michael Aronson + 1 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Marcello Aurelio Lanfranchi Marcello Aurelio Lanfranchi
actor, producer, screenwriter
Daniel J. Pico Daniel J. Pico + 2 Guests
assistant director, director, editor, producer, screenwriter, sound editor
Wanda Weaver Wanda Weaver
Kim A. Tolman Kim A. Tolman
art director, production designer, set designer
Amanda Nevarez Amanda Nevarez + 2 Guests
assistant director, crew, line producer, photographer (still), producer
Calix Lewis Reneau Calix Lewis Reneau
director, producer, screenwriter, script consultant
Ryan Shovey Ryan Shovey + 1 Guests
director, screenwriter
Pedro Avila Pedro Avila + 1 Guests
cinematographer, director of photography
Alex Simon Alex Simon + 1 Guests
camera operator, cinematographer, director of photography
Money Vang Money Vang + 2 Guests
assistant director, boom operator, camera operator, cinematographer, colorist, director, director of photography, editor, gaffer/lighting technician, key grip, lighting designer, line producer, makeup artist, motion graphic design, visual effects artist
Togba Norris Togba Norris + 2 Guests
actor, voice artist
Jonathan S. Abrams, Soc Jonathan S. Abrams, Soc + 1 Guests
camera operator, cinematographer, director of photography, producer
Chris Anthony Chris Anthony + 1 Guests
actor, producer
James Brown James Brown
Bree Harper Bree Harper
actor, crew, hair stylist, makeup artist, special effects technician
David S. David S. + 2 Guests
Lan Doan Lan Doan
actor, director of photography, photographer (still)
Jeff L Williams Jeff L Williams + 1 Guests
actor, producer
MichelJoy DelRe MichelJoy DelRe
business development/sales
Sophia Wu Sophia Wu
actor, assistant production office coordinator (apoc), costume designer, costumer, filmmaker, hair stylist, makeup artist, production assistant, wardrobe supervisor
Juliez Frazier Juliez Frazier + 1 Guests
Troy Ruff Troy Ruff + 1 Guests
Dimitris Tranos Dimitris Tranos
director, director of photography, screenwriter
Jon Polansky Jon Polansky + 1 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Desireia Valteau Desireia Valteau + 2 Guests
content creator, producer
Elizabeth Glynn Elizabeth Glynn + 1 Guests
researcher, screenwriter
Jenny Dome Jenny Dome
author, photographer (still), producer, screenwriter, voice artist
Kim Wozniak Kim Wozniak
line producer
Mariela Garriga Mariela Garriga + 3 Guests
Carolyn Matini Carolyn Matini
actor, crew
Paul Dinh-mccrillis Paul Dinh-mccrillis + 1 Guests
casting director, director, screenwriter
Lucy Burton Lucy Burton
visual effects artist
Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ali
actor, assistant director, comedian, director, director of photography, editor, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter
Mike Leins Mike Leins
illustrator, production assistant, screenwriter
David Raiklen David Raiklen
music composer
Carmella Cardina Carmella Cardina + 1 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Tammy Klein Tammy Klein + 2 Guests
actor, compositor, line producer, sound editor
Tommy Beirne Tommy Beirne
screenwriter, stunt performer
Marc Weishaus Marc Weishaus
actor, dialect coach, host/presenter, playwright, screenwriter, singer, stage director, voice artist
Jonathan Aranda Jonathan Aranda + 1 Guests
Wendy Joseph Wendy Joseph
actor, director, dramaturge, playwright, screenwriter
Chris Sparks Chris Sparks
Tobias Deml Tobias Deml + 1 Guests
cinematographer, director of photography
Gary Sager Gary Sager
camera operator, musician, producer, screenwriter
Jared Sandman Jared Sandman
author, screenwriter
Whit Spurgeon Whit Spurgeon
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Laura G. Chirinos Laura G. Chirinos
director, producer, screenwriter
Paul Glen Neuman Paul Glen Neuman + 1 Guests
actor, author, playwright, producer, screenwriter, singer, songwriter
Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
music composer
Marlene Hamerling Marlene Hamerling
actor, screenwriter
Ilia Domon Ilia Domon
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

MoviePals Hollywood - Networking & Short Films at Birns

Where: Birns and Sawyer
5275 Craner Ave
North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California
When: Thursday, May 14th
6:15PM -
Meetup Organizer
34 Members  |  4 Meetups
About the meetup

We love making movies. Whether you work behind the camera, in post-production or in-front, If you want to meet other filmmakers, watch original short films, and help other people achieve their dreams all while kicking back and checking out the latest filmmaking gear at a filmmaking “wonderland”, then this is the event for you.

Event Itinerary - The who, what, where, why and why not...

6:15 Arrive and Mingle

6:30 - Start - Announcements (events and jobs)

6:45 - Group introductions Each person will get to give a sentence telling the group who they are and what they do. Nothing long or fancy, just a quick intro so people know who to talk or connect with afterwards.

7:00 - Short film screening and topic discussion on independent and low budget filmmaking.

7:45 - MoviePals’ Plan of action and and what to look for this year.

8:00 - Introduction to Birns and Sawyer with a tour.

8:15 and up - Open networking and small group discussion about future topics and how to contribute.

Who is behind this event?

MoviePals is a movie-making network with tools, talent and inspiration to help you achieve your dreams. The MoviePals team is building a software platform to enable to better collaborate on real world projects . They throw a variety of events to support, and entertain filmmakers. The MoviePals team also produces original low-budget movies. http://www.moviepals.com

Birns & Sawyer is Los Angeles’ original motion picture camera rental house, founded by Jack Birns and Cliff Sawyer in 1954. The company quickly established itself as the premiere one stop shop for professional filmmakers to buy or rent their gear. Today, Birns & Sawyer exists for the filmmaker because they love films, love making films, and love helping others make their films a reality. They want nothing more than to be a part of your production so you can be a part of our history! http://birnsandsawyer.com/

About the group

If you’re looking for a cool way to spend a weekday night where you can talk about the ups and downs of filmmaking along with a general meet and greet, social networking in person style then come to one of our events and:

- Share ideas and network with actors and other filmmakers

- Talk about your upcoming projects – elicit feedback

- Get social, meet new people and have fun

The founder of MoviePals and this group (Solomon Rothman) will post more about some upcoming films soon! We’re definitely open to collaboration and cool ideas, so if you have any venue suggestions, suggestions related to filmmaking or post-production that you would love to see us try or do, let us know!!!

Solomon Rothman

This event is going to be great! There will be a lot of filmmakers there, this event is cross posted to other social sites including: http://www.meetup.com/director/events/221853333/ https://www.facebook.com/events/1429192624061341/ http://www.eventbrite.com/e/moviepals-hollywood-networking-short-films-a...

Marius Victor Iliescu

Thanks for the invite Solomon, but on May 14th I'll be in Chicago shooting with Ave Fenix Pictures, my production company, our third feature, "Love Me To The Moon And Back." You can check out our work at www.avefenixpictures.com Thanks again, we'll stay in touch. Marius Iliescu Director-Writer-Actor-Producer Los Angeles, CA 323.686.2744 mariusviliescu@gmail.com www.mariusiliescu.com www.avefenixpictures.com

Wanda Weaver

Looking forward to this and meeting other like-minded people. Yeah!!

David A. Bromley

I am in Michigan right now! Dang it, I have been waiting for something like this too!

Solomon Rothman

The Networking & Short Films event on May 14th (North Hollywood) is going to be amazing. We already have 65 RSVPs (It's cross posted to more places than meetup), so it's definitely one of the most popular events. If you haven't come to a MoviePals event in-awhile or ever before, this is the one to attend. This event has a specific itinerary which includes showing short films. I still have some slots left and if any of you have a project, trailer or short film they would like us to show. Please send me an e-mail directly to solomon@moviepals.com or message me through meetup. We can play most digital formats and also blue-ray DVD etc.

Bree Harper

Is there anyway to add this to our calendars I really want to make sure that I don't miss this

Wendy Joseph

Have a little film noir short I'd like to get produced. Will discuss it with the group. Also am looking for actors for an informal reading of a WWII screenplay.

Patty Sherman

Had planned to go and bring my boyfriend who did his first storyboard (for a feature this year) but an emergency came up, hope to attend this group at their next meeting. Have a great time, Patty Sherman and Bob Kathman

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