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Stephen James Stephen James Organizer
camera operator, comedian, director of photography, editor, filmmaker, photographer (still), videographer
Zeta Semple Zeta Semple
actor, voice artist
Kathryn Seabrook Kathryn Seabrook + 1 Guests
actor, crafty, crew, photographer (still), voice artist
Darren Tomalin Darren Tomalin
music composer, screenwriter, script consultant, story analyst, voice artist
Deacon Martin Deacon Martin
actor, author, comedian, director, host/presenter, musician, screenwriter, singer
Denise Channing Denise Channing + 1 Guests
Louise Larchbourne Louise Larchbourne
actor, editor, screenwriter
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Northampton Film Makers

Where: The Ark
Midsummer Meadow
Northampton, United Kingdom
When: Wednesday, May 27th
7:30PM -
Meetup Organizer
4 Members  |  1 Meetup
Note! Only room for 20 people so please let me know numbers.
About the meetup

This is a great opportunity for the independent film makers of the area to network and meet in a very informal way. We need a host of skills to put our projects together and without each other they will just be dreams. If you are interested in any aspect of writing, film making and performance then we need you.

At this first meeting we will also be discussing a couple of projects that might start us off.

The Ark has let us have this room for free and as this is also a restaurant and an informal evening then feel free to order food and drinks. Apparently Wednesday night is curry night. I will be arriving at 7.00 for those who wish to make an order.

About the group

It takes many people to make a film project work and without networking together it will always be a dream. Whatever your skill, or desire to obtain one, we need to start by getting together and help in each others projects. Are you a location manager, make up artist, actor, producer, screenwriter, videographer, camera operator, director, sound engineer, musician, set designer ..... etcetera.... Then we need you!

Geoff Webb

Please invite me to your next meet up, bit too close to Cannes for this time

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