Event has ended The "Unofficial" Stage32 Tribeca Meet-Up

61 Attendees

Dara Taylor Dara Taylor Organizer
comedian, music composer
Mirella Nappi Mirella Nappi
Amanda Toney Amanda Toney + 1 Guests
director of operations, manager, producer
Tomasz Mieczkowski Tomasz Mieczkowski
comedian, screenwriter
Heidi Dean Heidi Dean
actor, marketing/pr
Broni Borikova Broni Borikova
actor, subtitler, translator, voice artist
Heidi Segal Heidi Segal
Francis J. Kuzler Francis J. Kuzler + 2 Guests
director, playwright, producer, screenwriter
JayNemar Smith JayNemar Smith + 3 Guests
actor, art director, assistant director, director, filmmaker, line producer, producer, production coordinator, production manager, screenwriter, theatrical producer, unit production manager
Shlomo Klein Shlomo Klein + 1 Guests
author, screenwriter
Adonis Tsilimparis Adonis Tsilimparis
music composer, musician
Farrah Catin Farrah Catin
MarishkaShanice Phillips MarishkaShanice Phillips + 1 Guests
Madeline Lewis Madeline Lewis + 1 Guests
actor, assistant director, production assistant, production coordinator, production manager
Sash Andranikian Sash Andranikian + 1 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Jazz Mann Jazz Mann + 1 Guests
Debra Dorio Debra Dorio + 1 Guests
Youssef Ksentini Youssef Ksentini
director, screenwriter
Amanda Carvalho Amanda Carvalho
Ahmed Hassouna Ahmed Hassouna
assistant director, director, editor, producer, production assistant, production coordinator, screenwriter
Barry David Barry David + 1 Guests
Mark McKennon Mark McKennon
location manager, location scout, production manager, screenwriter
Samantha Henry Samantha Henry
actor, costume designer
Samantha Daniels Samantha Daniels + 2 Guests
actor, musician, singer
K. R. Bernard K. R. Bernard
author, screenwriter
Philip D. Weiner Philip D. Weiner
singer, talent scout
Candice Delevante Candice Delevante
director, editor, producer, researcher, screenwriter
Veronica Garza Veronica Garza
actor, comedian
Michael Matasci Michael Matasci
screenwriter, songwriter
Mary Aaron Mary Aaron + 1 Guests
makeup artist
Peter Brownscombe Peter Brownscombe
camera operator, cinematographer, director of photography
Manny Mertis Manny Mertis + 1 Guests
David M Stamps David M Stamps
actor, clerk, content creator, filmmaker, host/presenter, narrator, playwright, producer, screenwriter, singer, songwriter, theatrical producer, voice artist
Wendolyn Frech Wendolyn Frech + 1 Guests
producer of marketing & distribution
Rob Tapling Rob Tapling
Demitra Sealy Demitra Sealy + 1 Guests
actor, script consultant, voice artist
Julie Stern Julie Stern + 1 Guests
comedian, other, producer
Dani Carter Dani Carter
Joe Esposito Joe Esposito + 1 Guests
Casadine Holt Casadine Holt
actor, agent, screenwriter
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

The "Unofficial" Stage32 Tribeca Meet-Up

Where: The Crooked Knife - 14th Street
232 West 14th Street
New York City, New York
When: Thursday, April 19th
7:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 1 year ago
Updated 1 year ago
About the meetup

Come and hang out with Stage32ers in NYC or attending Tribeca. There will be great people (including Stage 32's Web Developer Extraordinaire Tomasz Mieczkowski), appetizers, and a cash bar.

Bring your business cards and get ready to network!

Michael Matasci

I look forward and meeting others from Stage 32

Rob Tapling

Can;t wait to meet like minded individuals to build with.

Dara Taylor

Hi Everyone, we’re in the front of the bar on the couches with appetizers. Looking forward to seeing you tonight?

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