Event has ended AFM Carousel Cocktails on the Santa Monica Pier

35 Attendees

Mike Chinea Mike Chinea Organizer
director, producer, screenwriter
Shanghai Jack Neal Shanghai Jack Neal + 1 Guests
director of photography, editor, producer of marketing & distribution, videographer
Amanda Toney Amanda Toney + 3 Guests
director of operations, manager, producer
Prema Rose Prema Rose + 1 Guests
actor, art director, choreographer, content creator, dancer, director, filmmaker, playwright, producer, screenwriter, songwriter, theatre director
Tomasz Mieczkowski Tomasz Mieczkowski + 3 Guests
comedian, screenwriter
Allen Roughton - Stage 32 Script Services Allen Roughton - Stage 32 Script Services
researcher, screenwriter, script consultant
Julie Zhou Julie Zhou + 3 Guests
actor, screenwriter
Ian Arber Ian Arber
music composer
Maddie Shapiro Maddie Shapiro
line producer, producer
Carolyn Bridget Kennedy Carolyn Bridget Kennedy + 1 Guests
actor, director, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter
Timo Puolitaipale Timo Puolitaipale
filmmaker, line producer, producer, screenwriter
Jennifer Mostert Jennifer Mostert + 2 Guests
Gabrielle Holloway Gabrielle Holloway + 1 Guests
producer, screenwriter
Adam Penny Adam Penny
business development/sales, casting director, filmmaker, manager
Amber MacPherson Amber MacPherson
producer, production manager
Calvin Vanderbeek Calvin Vanderbeek + 1 Guests
Cali Gilbert Cali Gilbert
author, director, photographer (still), screenwriter
Bryan Glick Bryan Glick + 1 Guests
business affairs consultant, distributor, film festival director
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

AFM Carousel Cocktails on the Santa Monica Pier

Where: Lowes Santa Monica Beach Hotel
1700 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, California
When: Monday, November 5th
5:30PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 1 year ago
Updated 1 year ago
Note! Must have proper AFM badge
About the meetup

Make sure you have the proper AFM badge and Carousel pass for 11/5.

That time of year again fellow filmmakers. It will be awesome to meet with members going to AFM this year.

Sorry, unlike previous years, this year security requires an AFM badge to meet in the lobby. 

Amanda Toney

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Prema Rose

I am so looking forward to meeting everyone from Stage 32!

Carolyn Bridget Kennedy

This is my first year attending AFM. I very much look forward to

meeting everyone!

Amanda Toney

Hi everyone - you do need an AFM badge to attend the meetup.

Timo Puolitaipale

I'll be there. Looking forward to saying hello!

Mike Chinea

Looking forward to meeting with as many of you as possible. I'll also be there for RB's panel.

Shanghai Jack Neal

Is it possible to film & interview this event? - I produce Green Screen interviews professionally for Hollywood Actors at times & BTS... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey_VH2EdcuA This is what some of my setup looks like - I also have a 12 foot Jib Crane as well BUT don't think that would too fun swinging that thing around at dinner ... ;) Thank you

Jennifer Mostert

Looking forward to meeting Stage 32'ers in the flesh.

Mike Chinea

Shanghai Jack Neal you may need a press pass but if you can be low key with an iPhone or hand held DSRL, that shouldn't be a problem.

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