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  Event has ended 6th Annual Stage 32 Meetup at the Austin Film Festival

110 Attendees

Amanda Toney Amanda Toney Organizer
director of operations, manager, producer
Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy + 1 Guests
screenwriter, script consultant
Jerry Cavallaro Jerry Cavallaro
Mark Bethea Mark Bethea
Randy Hines Randy Hines
Camille Scioli Chambers Camille Scioli Chambers + 1 Guests
producer, production coordinator, researcher, unit production manager
Tony Germann Tony Germann + 1 Guests
Cheryl Rae Cheryl Rae
art director, author, screenwriter
Jeff Warrick Jeff Warrick
director, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter
Kelly Jo Brick Kelly Jo Brick + 1 Guests
Debi Yazbeck Debi Yazbeck + 3 Guests
Mario Rivas Mario Rivas
editor, screenwriter
Cherish Muzik Cherish Muzik + 1 Guests
editor, screenwriter, story analyst
Julia Bergeron Julia Bergeron
Jeremy Foley Jeremy Foley + 1 Guests
Holly Jurbergs Holly Jurbergs
author, screenwriter
Josh Gibert Josh Gibert + 1 Guests
Aimiende Negbenebor Sela Aimiende Negbenebor Sela
director, filmmaker, screenwriter
Allison Johnson Allison Johnson + 1 Guests
actor, screenwriter
Edward Worthy Edward Worthy
assistant editor
Theo Friedman Theo Friedman
comedian, content creator, screenwriter, script consultant
Kody Chamberlain Kody Chamberlain
author, screenwriter
Stan Barton Stan Barton
Marty Lang Marty Lang + 2 Guests
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Eduardo Soto-Falcon Eduardo Soto-Falcon + 1 Guests
director, editor, screenwriter, sound designer
Kevin Dooley Kevin Dooley
Joe Gold Joe Gold + 1 Guests
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Brent Kado Brent Kado
film festival director, filmmaker, screenwriter
Blake Naleid Blake Naleid
Janene Lin Janene Lin
actor, producer, screenwriter
Geraldo Olivo Geraldo Olivo
producer, screenwriter
Aaron Wong Aaron Wong
director, screenwriter
Mark Nickelsburg Mark Nickelsburg + 1 Guests
Stephen Nolly Stephen Nolly
cinematographer, director, director of photography, filmmaker, screenwriter
Mario Scott Waller Mario Scott Waller + 2 Guests
graphic designer, illustrator, screenwriter
Sam Palasota Sam Palasota
actor, filmmaker, screenwriter
Wendy Wilkins Wendy Wilkins
actor, author, comedian, director, screenwriter
Vince Jeffers Vince Jeffers + 3 Guests
director of marketing & distribution, filmmaker, financier, screenwriter, script consultant
Jerrod D. Brito Jerrod D. Brito + 3 Guests
director, playwright, screenwriter, story analyst
Michael Ramirez Michael Ramirez + 1 Guests
Ken Jones Ken Jones
producer, screenwriter, videographer
Jack Wood Jack Wood
music composer, producer, screenwriter
Anthony D Paul Anthony D Paul
filmmaker, musician, photographer (still), screenwriter
Jeff Coley Jeff Coley
director, screenwriter
Cassidy Louwerse Cassidy Louwerse
cinematographer, screenwriter
James Hutchison James Hutchison
Jim Picariello Jim Picariello + 3 Guests
director, editor, filmmaker, screenwriter
Jeff Ullman Jeff Ullman
animator, screenwriter
Jason Richardson Jason Richardson
Lisa Garvey Lisa Garvey
Elena Nemykh Elena Nemykh
cinematographer, director, director of development, filmmaker, playwright, post-production supervisor, screenwriter, script consultant, talent scout
Tamra Teig Tamra Teig
screenwriter, songwriter
Kevin Callies Kevin Callies + 3 Guests
editor, filmmaker, storyboard artist
Juju Smith Juju Smith + 1 Guests
Camilla Castree Camilla Castree + 3 Guests
Jennifer Hutchins Jennifer Hutchins + 2 Guests
Nicholas Camacho Nicholas Camacho + 1 Guests
Marisé Samitier Marisé Samitier
Zeke Rodrigues Thomas Zeke Rodrigues Thomas + 1 Guests
filmmaker, host/presenter, producer, screenwriter
Alfred Cervantes Alfred Cervantes + 2 Guests
film commissioner
Daniel Sheiman Daniel Sheiman
Blaine Indemaio Blaine Indemaio + 1 Guests
director, editor, filmmaker, foley artist, producer, screenwriter, sound designer, sound editor, sound mixer, videographer
Max Adams Max Adams + 2 Guests
Leanora Vernon Leanora Vernon
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

6th Annual Stage 32 Meetup at the Austin Film Festival

Where: Handlebar Austin
121 E 5th St.
Austin, Texas
When: Friday, October 26th
7:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 1 year ago
Updated 1 year ago
About the meetup

Annual Stage 32 Screenwriter Soiree at the Austin Film Festival!

7:00pm - 10:00pm Austin, TX (CST) time

We invite all our Stage 32 members for a fun night to celebrate the most creative screenwriters and filmmakers on the planet. This is a 21 and over event. Every year we have hundreds of attendees and are the most talked about event during the Austin Film Festival. This year will be no different!

Come meet Stage 32 Founder and CEO, Richard "RB" Botto and our Script Services team Allen Roughton & Nick Assunto!  Make sure to RSVP - space is limited on the rooftop, so don't miss out!

J. Kenner

just making sure that I can attend even if I'm not registered (hadn't expected I'd be in town!)

Vince Jeffers

I look forward to attending.

Andrea Thompson

I don't think you need a festival badge to attend the meetup. See you there!

Laura Tabor-Huerta

I will very likely attend. Thanks.

J. Kenner

Bummed that I'm not going to be able to make it after all.

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