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Christopher Claiborne Christopher Claiborne Organizer
Kimberly Kaplan Kimberly Kaplan
Timothy Gaer Timothy Gaer + 2 Guests
digital imaging technician, director, producer
Dea Divi Dea Divi
actor, author, producer, screenwriter
Stefani Nobuko Jones Stefani Nobuko Jones
actor, screenwriter
Rika Givens Rika Givens + 1 Guests
crew, production coordinator
Piankhi Iknaton Piankhi Iknaton
actor, boom operator, production assistant, stunt performer
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Unity Stage 32

Where: Lucky Strike
800 W. Olympic Blvd
Hollywood, California
When: Saturday, June 6th
12:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
16 Members  |  6 Meetups
Note! Entrance is located on Highland Ave.
About the meetup

Film production for Sword of Heaven, Grand Theft, & Dante's inferno. Actors, designers, artist, film crew interested in production aspects of films are invited. Learn more about the independent film model that will take on prodictions that go right to the big studios. Open screen reading available for actors.

About the group

The UNITY Stage 32 meetup is to help industry professionals understand the Unity agreement. Unity is a new way of working in the film industry and reflects traditions that have been instilled by guilds and some unions. It is a collaborative effort to not only make films but distribute the wealth in film making. Unity takes advantage of peoples assets, financial alliances, personal dedication, and time investment.

The people involved in Unity are actors, cinematographers, costumers, directors, set designers, sound, special effects, make up, producers, and writers. The projects we work on are broken down in to segments that enable each person to select a time to engage in the project. This is used by most producers including Michael Bay if you look at the screen credts in the film Transformers.

Each crew is assembled according to availibity and sent to the studio to film a scene. Unity enables everyone to work together on a feature and get credit for the part that they worked on during the filming or editing of the movie production. In the credits you will see Camera Crew 1 followed by a list of names, Camera Crew 2 followed by a list of names, Digital Effects, etecetera all the way down to the most simple production teams.

This means you can recieve film credit on a major motion picture and work for 12 to 400 hours on the movie. The amount of time you work on the film is determined by the films need and your dedication. Unity is a way to not only recieve notable film creit but prosperous rewards as well. Dividends are payed to everyone involved in Unity. That means a check is sent out every four months to those working on the project once funding has exceeded cost.

Unity uses the Independent Film Fund, Crowdfunder, and direct personal investments along with pick up deals from the top Hollywood studios to make films that are incredible. We work with actors and talent that has proven ability and need to be Hollywood.

Christopher Claiborne

I just modified the time - please take a look if you are planning to attend.

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