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34 Attendees

Nick Assunto Nick Assunto Organizer
director, screenwriter
Allen Roughton Allen Roughton
researcher, screenwriter, script consultant
Jason Mirch Jason Mirch
creative executive, producer, screenwriter
Isaiah Andrés Galarza Isaiah Andrés Galarza
director, screenwriter
Beth Dodson Beth Dodson
Raj Balu Raj Balu
Sandra Faye Jefferson Sandra Faye Jefferson + 2 Guests
author, clerk, dancer, director, filmmaker, music composer, playwright, producer, screenwriter, singer, songwriter
Travis Seppala Travis Seppala + 1 Guests
Vincent Paterno Vincent Paterno
Mitch Bechtold Mitch Bechtold + 1 Guests
assistant director, screenwriter
Robert Parry Robert Parry
Colin Costello Colin Costello
director, producer, screenwriter, script consultant
Drew Robinson Drew Robinson
crew, production assistant, screenwriter
Wil Crown Wil Crown
actor, host/presenter, producer, screenwriter
J.D. Mathes J.D. Mathes
Ana Ingham Ana Ingham
author, playwright, screenwriter
Herb P Grinker Herb P Grinker
screenwriter, songwriter
Gwen Alexis Gwen Alexis
Stephen Olson Stephen Olson
playwright, screenwriter
B.J. Grogan B.J. Grogan + 1 Guests
actor, director, screenwriter
Melissa White Melissa White + 1 Guests
Daniel Sweet Daniel Sweet
Richard Snyder Richard Snyder
Serita Stevens Serita Stevens + 1 Guests
acting teacher, actor, producer, screenwriter, script consultant, set / production medic
Aaron Bustos Aaron Bustos
Mario Rivas Mario Rivas
editor, screenwriter
Gary Sager Gary Sager
camera operator, musician, producer, screenwriter
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

Stage 32 Happy Hour Meetup w/ Special Guest Justin Ross

Where: Sycamore Tavern
7038 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, California
When: Thursday, February 28th
6:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 2 years ago
Updated 2 years ago
About the meetup

Hi Stage 32 Writers!

It's almost time for the best part of the month again. The Writer's Happy Hour Meetup!

Come on by Sycamore Tavern on Thursday the 28th to hang out, meet other writers/creators, talk writing, talk movies, hang out with me (Nick Assunto), Jason Mirch, and Allen Roughton, of our Script Services team, and meet Justin L. Ross, the EVP of Development for Bohemia Group Originals. 

We'll also, again, be raffling off winner's choice of Script Coverage Notes or a 30 Minute Consultation on your script. These are really great ways to get your script in front of someone in the industry, as well as get some feedback that helps you shape your script into a stronger sample.

So come hang out, bring friends, make friends while you're there, talk movies, yell about how CRAZY it is the Oscars won't be broadcasting those key technical awards and how much of a slap in the face that is to film (I get a little passionate).

Nick Assunto

The 28th! Good catch. It has been fixed. Thanks!

Joshua Keller Katz

I'll be there.

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