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49 Attendees

Nick Assunto - Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator Nick Assunto - Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator Organizer
director, screenwriter
Karen "Kay" Ross Karen "Kay" Ross
actor, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter, script consultant, voice actor
Jason Mirch Jason Mirch
creative executive, producer, screenwriter
Anthony McBride Anthony McBride
actor, screenwriter
Adrianne Grayson Adrianne Grayson + 1 Guests
Rick Reynolds Rick Reynolds
audio post-production, sound mixer, voice actor
Serita Stevens Serita Stevens + 1 Guests
acting teacher, actor, producer, screenwriter, script consultant, set / production medic
Vincent Paterno Vincent Paterno
Kit Leonard Dennis Kit Leonard Dennis
actor, director, editor, screenwriter, singer, songwriter
Rich Neher Rich Neher
actor, screenwriter
David Raiklen David Raiklen
music composer
Mario Rivas Mario Rivas
editor, screenwriter
Donn Swaby Donn Swaby
actor, producer, screenwriter
Marshal Gordon Marshal Gordon
Harker Jones Harker Jones
James Ridgley James Ridgley
Bil Gaines Bil Gaines
Jon Harrison Taylor Jon Harrison Taylor + 1 Guests
actor, director, screenwriter
Marisa Forrest Marisa Forrest
Javier Dampierre Javier Dampierre + 1 Guests
director, editor, screenwriter
David Potter David Potter
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
James C. Alford James C. Alford
screenwriter, songwriter, voice actor
Valeria Sweet Valeria Sweet + 1 Guests
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Daniel Forrer Daniel Forrer
director, producer, screenwriter
Vladislav Khesin Vladislav Khesin
director, producer, screenwriter
Tamra Teig Tamra Teig
marketing/pr, screenwriter
Sara Aliza Mossman Sara Aliza Mossman
director, producer, screenwriter
Buvana Ramamurthi Buvana Ramamurthi
actor, director, screenwriter
Karen Spence Karen Spence
Svjetlana Jaklenec Svjetlana Jaklenec
director, screenwriter
Kelly Armbruster Kelly Armbruster
business development/sales, screenwriter
Heather Magee Heather Magee
director, producer, screenwriter
Emily Aspland Emily Aspland + 1 Guests
playwright, screenwriter
Danny Abrahms Danny Abrahms
actor, comedian, producer, screenwriter
Matt Wolf Matt Wolf + 1 Guests
Mora Carew Mora Carew
Mercedes Segesvary Mercedes Segesvary + 1 Guests
author, comedian, host/presenter, illustrator, playwright, production assistant, puppeteer, screenwriter, script consultant, script supervisor, stage director, stage manager, story analyst, theatre director, theatrical producer
Matt McGee Matt McGee + 1 Guests
actor, director, filmmaker, playwright, screenwriter
Scott Fales Scott Fales
actor, filmmaker, producer, production coordinator, screenwriter, script consultant, script supervisor, story analyst
Ron Mondz Ron Mondz
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

Stage 32 Writer Happy Hour Meetup

Where: The Phoenix
8480 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, California
When: Thursday, September 5th
6:00PM -
Created 2 years ago
Updated 2 years ago
About the meetup

Hello Writers! We're happy to announce another happy hour meet up. This time we're meeting at The Phoenix near Beverly Grove! The event will be hosted by the Stage 32 Director of Script Services, Jason Mirch! Come meet Jason and discuss the craft, the business, and what you are currently working on! Once again, we'll be raffling off FREE Premium Coverage with an Executive (or a Script Read + 30 minute Consult). 

Jason Mirch

Hey everyone! Super excited to meet all the LA-based writers in person. And I may even bring along a special industry guest. Come hang out!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Ooo, thanks for putting this together! It's so nice to have a great reason to come out from the writer's cave and socialize!

Vincent Paterno

Looking forward to it!

Rich Neher

I like the Phoenix. Look forward to the Meetup.

Deborah Liss

That's amazing!! I really want to go, but I probably will be able to get there around 7pm, hopefully will not be a problem

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, all! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for coming out and making this such an inviting and memorable experience! Definitely met some great people. Jason? Same time next month? Where can we see that group photo?!

In case y'all want to participate in the ice breaker our little group used to get the conversation hopping, but online: What guilty pleasure film is a favorite of yours, but no one else seems to understand its brilliance? And GO!

Maria Soriano

Sorry. But I can't make it. I'm out of town...

Isaiah Andrés Galarza

Sounds awesome! See everyone there!

Buvana Ramamurthi

Missed it .. May be next meeting I will be there

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