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Jason Mirch Jason Mirch Organizer
creative executive, producer, screenwriter
Timothy Ammendola Timothy Ammendola
Ron Modro Ron Modro + 2 Guests
Derek Poulsen Derek Poulsen
director, editor, producer, screenwriter
Jeffrey Gold Jeffrey Gold + 2 Guests
music composer, playwright, producer, screenwriter
Jeff Saylor Jeff Saylor + 1 Guests
producer, screenwriter, script consultant
Kay Luke Kay Luke + 1 Guests
director of development, producer, screenwriter
Walter Hines Walter Hines
business development/sales, screenwriter
Teresa Crawford Teresa Crawford
actor, screenwriter
Pb Barr Pb Barr
Cassandra Dawn Cassandra Dawn
entertainment attorney
Michael Lopez Michael Lopez
Sefi Carmel Sefi Carmel
music composer, music supervisor, musician, sound designer, sound editor, sound mixer
Alphonso Tindall III Alphonso Tindall III
Heather Magee Heather Magee
director, producer, screenwriter
Eddie Pratt Eddie Pratt
John Guinn John Guinn
Jody Hart Jody Hart + 1 Guests
actor, director, producer, stunt performer
Armineh Chelebian Armineh Chelebian
actor, producer
Desiree Middleton Desiree Middleton
Anthony McBride Anthony McBride
actor, screenwriter
DeShawn Hill DeShawn Hill
director, editor, filmmaker, photographer (still), producer, screenwriter
Afonso J Henrique Afonso J Henrique + 1 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Cristian Arceo Cristian Arceo + 3 Guests
Dax Spanogle Dax Spanogle
actor, choreographer, director, screenwriter, stunt coordinator, voice artist
Brien Gorham Brien Gorham
editor, screenwriter
Elisabeth Dale Elisabeth Dale
author, comedian, screenwriter
Isaiah Andrés Galarza Isaiah Andrés Galarza
director, screenwriter
Michael January Michael January
actor, content creator, producer, screenwriter
Teeshay Sh Teeshay Sh
acting teacher, actor, director, film festival director, filmmaker, host/presenter, manager, producer, screenwriter, theatre director, voice actor, voice artist
Lizette Santiago Lizette Santiago + 1 Guests
Rea Elizabeth Cruz Abaniel Taylor Rea Elizabeth Cruz Abaniel Taylor + 1 Guests
Anthony Young Anthony Young + 2 Guests
Becky Balsano Becky Balsano + 1 Guests
actor, filmmaker, music composer, screenwriter
Karen E Ross Karen E Ross
filmmaker, narrator, producer, screenwriter, script consultant, story analyst, voice actor
Pablo Moline Pablo Moline
Donn Swaby Donn Swaby
actor, producer, screenwriter
Stephanie B. Viguié Stephanie B. Viguié + 2 Guests
content creator, screenwriter
Patrick Grandaw Patrick Grandaw
director, screenwriter
Doreene Hamilton Doreene Hamilton + 1 Guests
actor, content creator, producer, screenwriter
Steven Cole Torres Steven Cole Torres
director, screenwriter
Lisa Michie Lisa Michie
producer, screenwriter, script supervisor, voice actor
Ed Arroyo Ed Arroyo
Paul Mortsolf Paul Mortsolf
director, screenwriter
Herb Linsey Herb Linsey
line producer, producer, production manager
Travis Seppala Travis Seppala + 1 Guests
Angela Gordon Angela Gordon
director, filmmaker, producer
Jenny Dome Jenny Dome + 1 Guests
author, photographer (still), producer, screenwriter, voice artist
Ken Foley Ken Foley + 1 Guests
director, screenwriter
A Adonis A Adonis
Lisa Garvey Lisa Garvey
Ronee Collins Ronee Collins
actor, host/presenter, voice actor
Vladislav Khesin Vladislav Khesin + 1 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Alice Barden Alice Barden
actor, director, performance coach, screenwriter, voice actor
Venus Moses Venus Moses + 1 Guests
actor, assistant production office coordinator, camera operator, crew, host/presenter, production assistant
Natasha Dubrovskaya Natasha Dubrovskaya + 1 Guests
Marshal Gordon Marshal Gordon
Tennyson Stead Tennyson Stead
director, producer, screenwriter
Alex Clavijo Alex Clavijo
Robby Peters Robby Peters + 1 Guests
director, screenwriter
Mitch Bechtold Mitch Bechtold + 1 Guests
assistant director, screenwriter
Pooja Mallipamula Pooja Mallipamula
actor, screenwriter
Benjamin Morgan Benjamin Morgan
comedian, screenwriter
Hannah Chu Hannah Chu
actor, dancer, singer
Claire Wee Claire Wee
Franziska Huber Franziska Huber
actor, comedian
Paul VanDevelder Paul VanDevelder + 1 Guests
author, photographer (still), screenwriter, translator
Paula Labaredas Paula Labaredas + 1 Guests
actor, producer
Dylan Mooney Dylan Mooney
Elizabeth Karr Elizabeth Karr + 1 Guests
actor, producer, theatrical producer
Christopher Platt Christopher Platt + 1 Guests
Danny Boushebel Danny Boushebel + 1 Guests
actor, content creator, director, producer, screenwriter
Jeff Solema Jeff Solema + 1 Guests
Elizabeth Frank Aka Liza Frankiw Elizabeth Frank Aka Liza Frankiw
actor, prop master, set decorator
Lou Simon Lou Simon
director, producer, screenwriter
Todd Zing Todd Zing + 1 Guests
financier, producer, screenwriter, songwriter
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

Stage 32 Los Angeles Happy Hour Meet Up

Where: The Phoenix
The Phoenix 8480 W 3rd St,
Los Angeles, California
When: Thursday, November 7th
6:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 1 month ago
Updated 1 week ago
Note! Street Parking Available
About the meetup

Hey LA-based writers and creators! We're meeting up for another killer happy hour at The Phoenix in Los Angeles! We're heading back to The Phoenix in Los Angeles for the next round!  Join Stage 32 Director of Script Services Jason Mirch for an evening of conversation with your fellow screenwriters.  All guests in attendance who register will receive a free gift! The event starts at 6pm! See you there! 

UPDATE!: Jason will be bringing a special guest as well! Producer and Development Executive Christian Sander of Pense Productions will be joining as well! Pensé Productions has significant development funding and has pitched projects to all the major studios and agencies. 

Christian has worked in development for Neal Moritz, producer of the Fast and the Furious and 21 Jumpstreet franchises, and for prolific producer Jerry Bruckheimer. He also worked in Sony Pictures across several divisions including film production, digital marketing, publicity, and international television divisions before joining Pensé. 

Isaiah Andrés Galarza

This sounds awesome! Can't with to meet everyone!

Kay Luke

Anybody else going to be at the BANFF Connect LA Conference, too?

There's a bit of an overlap in time, but if you are and you need a ride to the Phoenix let me know.

Becky Balsano

Excellent. : )

Jason Mirch

I am really excited to meet everyone! Come find me and say Hi!

Nahid Samandari

Awesome !

Travis Seppala

I'll likely be there right at the start (6pm), and leaving early (around 7 ish?) to go to the Nicholl's Winners & Table Read.

Graydon John Kouri-Actor

Looking forward to my first meet up.

Jason Mirch

Hey everyone! I will also be bringing a buddy of mine, Christian Sander, the Head of Development for Pense Productions, a production company that is developing a number of really interesting projects. I'm excited for you to meet him as well!

Tennyson Stead

Ladies and gents, car trouble and AFM preparations have kept me from making this meet-up - but I'll be making more of an effort with my networking, and I'll be around for the holiday events. Have a great evening, everyone!

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