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161 Attendees

Jason Mirch Jason Mirch Organizer
creative executive, producer, screenwriter
Mitch Bechtold Mitch Bechtold + 1 Guests
assistant director, screenwriter
Garret Lloyd Anderson Garret Lloyd Anderson + 1 Guests
director, photographer (still), screenwriter
Tennyson Stead Tennyson Stead + 1 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Ron Modro Ron Modro + 2 Guests
photographer (still), screenwriter
Venus Moses Venus Moses + 1 Guests
actor, assistant production office coordinator, camera operator, crew, host/presenter, production assistant
Anthony Young Anthony Young + 1 Guests
Anthony McBride Anthony McBride
actor, screenwriter
Diana Elizabeth Jordan Diana Elizabeth Jordan
actor, director, performance coach, producer
Ricky Miller Ricky Miller + 2 Guests
concept artist, dialogue editor, screenwriter
Skyler Thomas Skyler Thomas + 1 Guests
actor, director, screenwriter, singer
Sabrina Wright Sabrina Wright
producer, screenwriter
Kit Leonard Dennis Kit Leonard Dennis
actor, director, editor, screenwriter, singer, songwriter
Lou Simon Lou Simon
director, producer, screenwriter
James C. Alford James C. Alford + 1 Guests
screenwriter, songwriter, voice actor
Tivoli Silas Tivoli Silas
actor, author, crew, director, editor, filmmaker, photographer (still), producer, production assistant, screenwriter, script supervisor
Kyle Petrulio Kyle Petrulio
director, filmmaker, producer, production assistant, researcher, screenwriter, videographer
Mehran Torgoley Mehran Torgoley + 1 Guests
colorist, director, editor, producer, screenwriter
Katie Scrivner Katie Scrivner
Jon Pirincci Jon Pirincci + 1 Guests
actor, author, casting assistant, comedian, filmmaker, financier, marketing/pr, musician, producer, production assistant, publisher, talent scout, voice actor
Yara da Silva-Heying Yara da Silva-Heying
actor, producer, screenwriter
Janelle Poirier Janelle Poirier + 1 Guests
Elizabeth Kate Elizabeth Kate
Kimberly Jürgen Kimberly Jürgen
acting teacher, actor, filmmaker, host/presenter, performance coach, screenwriter, teleprompter, theatre director, voice actor
Ryan Shovey Ryan Shovey
director, screenwriter
Stephanie T. Keefer Stephanie T. Keefer + 1 Guests
Melissa White Melissa White
Mario Rivas Mario Rivas
editor, screenwriter
Jackie Greig Jackie Greig + 1 Guests
assistant editor, editor, producer, screenwriter
Michele Noval Michele Noval + 1 Guests
acting teacher, actor, agent, art director, crafty, dancer, director, host/presenter, makeup artist, narrator, performance coach, producer, singer, sound designer, stage manager, transmedia producer, voice actor, voice artist, voice designer
Travis Seppala Travis Seppala + 1 Guests
Penelope Richards Penelope Richards + 1 Guests
Joseph Steven Joseph Steven + 1 Guests
actor, producer
MeeRa Kim MeeRa Kim + 1 Guests
creative executive, director, filmmaker, producer, transmedia producer
Solomon T. Osayande Jr. Solomon T. Osayande Jr. + 1 Guests
Meagan Culberson Meagan Culberson + 1 Guests
Rea Elizabeth Cruz Abaniel Taylor Rea Elizabeth Cruz Abaniel Taylor + 1 Guests
actor, screenwriter
Mark Spinelli Mark Spinelli + 1 Guests
Lana Ford Lana Ford + 1 Guests
actor, casting assistant, screenwriter
Joshua Han Joshua Han + 1 Guests
actor, stunt performer, voice actor
Linda G Hatton Linda G Hatton + 1 Guests
Tiffany Johnson Tiffany Johnson + 1 Guests
Andrew Sobkovich Andrew Sobkovich
director of photography
Cameron Ring Cameron Ring
actor, producer
Yael Deynes Yael Deynes + 1 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Joe Petricca Joe Petricca
director, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter
Bev Oliver Bev Oliver + 1 Guests
actor, author, producer, voice actor
Michael Kenney Michael Kenney + 2 Guests
Nancy Young Nancy Young
Shawn Dawes Shawn Dawes + 1 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Greg McDonald Greg McDonald + 1 Guests
director, screenwriter
Krystel Roche Krystel Roche + 2 Guests
Wade Ballance Wade Ballance
Bethany Bodin Bethany Bodin + 1 Guests
Cali Gilbert Cali Gilbert
author, director, photographer (still), screenwriter
Jimmy Matlosz Jimmy Matlosz
camera operator, cinematographer, director, photographer (still), producer, screenwriter
Andrew Kole Andrew Kole
host/presenter, playwright, producer, screenwriter
Aaron Webster Aaron Webster
Alyssa Carter Alyssa Carter + 1 Guests
assistant director, casting director, director, filmmaker, line producer, producer, screenwriter, script supervisor, singer, sound mixer, stage manager, theatre director, unit production manager, videographer
Steph Byers Steph Byers + 1 Guests
actor, assistant director, production assistant, production secretary, screenwriter, script consultant, voice actor
Ken Foley Ken Foley + 1 Guests
director, screenwriter
Cherelynn Baker Cherelynn Baker
director, producer
Jeremy C. Torgerson Jeremy C. Torgerson + 1 Guests
actor, it tech, location manager
Bo Brown Bo Brown + 1 Guests
Brendon Slee Brendon Slee
Gavin Harrison Gavin Harrison + 1 Guests
director, editor, playwright, screenwriter, script consultant, script supervisor, story analyst, theatre director, theatrical producer
Sherona Sinclair Sherona Sinclair + 1 Guests
director, editor, producer
Matt Wolf Matt Wolf
Darcey Rhoads Darcey Rhoads + 2 Guests
actor, comedian, content creator, voice artist
Danny Boushebel Danny Boushebel + 1 Guests
actor, content creator, director, producer, screenwriter
Leni Rico Leni Rico + 1 Guests
Daniel Holland Daniel Holland + 1 Guests
director, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter
Brian Foster Brian Foster + 1 Guests
business development/sales, editor, producer, transmedia producer
Ronee Collins Ronee Collins + 1 Guests
actor, host/presenter, voice actor
Hanala Sagal Hanala Sagal + 1 Guests
actor, producer, screenwriter
Christine Capone Christine Capone + 1 Guests
Barry Cook Barry Cook
Joy A. Kennelly Joy A. Kennelly + 1 Guests
actor, producer
Derron Ross Derron Ross + 1 Guests
actor, animator, director, filmmaker, stunt coordinator, stunt performer, visual effects artist
Kelly Shanley Kelly Shanley + 1 Guests
actor, comedian, screenwriter
Christian Szczepanski Christian Szczepanski + 1 Guests
assistant editor, camera operator, cinematographer, editor, filmmaker, graphic designer, production assistant, screenwriter
Lawrence Abbott Lawrence Abbott + 1 Guests
producer, screenwriter
Rich Neher Rich Neher
actor, screenwriter
Jeff Ardoin Jeff Ardoin
Emily Elder Emily Elder
Michael Conroy Michael Conroy
crew, director, editor, producer, production assistant, screenwriter
Kris Crenwelge Kris Crenwelge
Brent Kado Brent Kado
film festival director, filmmaker, screenwriter
Darryl Conover Darryl Conover + 1 Guests
actor, screenwriter
Cristi Rumpza Cristi Rumpza
actor, comedian, director, editor, screenwriter
Sophia Zolan Sophia Zolan
actor, comedian, director, producer, screenwriter
Laurie Ashbourne Laurie Ashbourne
producer, screenwriter
Tomasz Aleksander Tomasz Aleksander
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Garrett Adams Garrett Adams + 1 Guests
assistant director, director, filmmaker, screenwriter
Gary Alexis Gary Alexis
actor, filmmaker, screenwriter
Amanda Toney Amanda Toney
director of operations, manager, producer
Lauren White Lauren White
actor, content creator, host/presenter, producer, screenwriter
Karen E Ross Karen E Ross
filmmaker, narrator, producer, screenwriter, script consultant, story analyst, voice actor
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

Welcome to the Roaring 20's with Stage 32!

Where: The Phoenix
8480 W 3rd St.
Los Angeles, California
When: Thursday, January 9th
6:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 2 months ago
Updated 2 months ago
Note! Street Parking & Beverly Center Parking Available
About the meetup

Stage 32 is welcoming in the Roaring 20's with another meet-up for Los Angeles-based screenwriters, directors, producers, and other creatives on Thursday, January 9 at 6pm! 

Mix and mingle with the Director of Script Services Jason Mirch and the entire Stage 32 team for an evening of celebration and conversation with your fellow creatives! 

And all guests in attendance who register will receive a FREE gift from Stage 32! 

The event is FREE and starts at 6pm! See you there! 

(Parking conveniently located at the Beverly Center on La Cienega Blvd.)

Yara da Silva-Heying

I am looking forward to this event.

Wendy Kram

Looking forward!

Cali Gilbert

Anyone traveling from the Westside for possible carpool?

Cherelynn Baker

Just curious - is attire cocktail casual or full dress rehearsal costume in "Roaring 20's"? ...asking for a friend ...

Jon Pirincci

I will be there...first time in a while and new year :)

Daniel Holland

Let's roar in 2020!

Christine Capone

I'm looking forward to attending!

Joy A. Kennelly

I'm open to carpooling Cali. Shoot me a message and we can see if this might work. Thanks! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Sheri Pedigo

is this where we rsvp

Tennyson Stead

It is indeed. Check the top of the page - it's the big colored buttons.

Andrea Meshel

I am looking forward to attending

Erika Toraya

Sorry to miss you all tonight. Alas, another time. Please hit me up for collaboration on writing or if you need an actress. I have reels on my profile. Here's to 2020 and all the goodness of the new year!

Gary Alexis

When does this event end?

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