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Female Film Festival - Watch for FREE this Saturday - Photo added by Allyson King

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WATCH the next festival on Saturday December 5th for FREE; 8pm EST (5pm on the West Coast.).

Featuring best SHORT Films from around the world today:

Welcome to WILDsound’s Weekly Festival. Every Saturday night 8pm EST/5pm PST. Showcasing the best new films in the world today. Virtual events will always be FREE. Enjoy the show and come back next week.

Here is the full program of films. Festival starts at 8pm sharp!

Christopher is, away serving in the Navy, receives a heartfelt letter from his wife, Dorothy. As he reads the letter English, BSL and Visual Vernacular interweave to tell the shocking story of a war plane crashing to the ground meters away from his son Clive’s classroom.

GIVE ME A NAME, 10min., UK, Sci-Fi/Thriller
The United Kingdom, about ten years in the future. Jennifer, a senior intelligence officer, is briefing her deputy Kate about a new detainee who has been arrested for crimes against the state. But there is something different about this prisoner…

BODY AND SOUL, 20min., Belgium, Drama
Lucie is a shy young girl, reluctant to talk about sexuality. When she finds herself forced to reveal her virginity at a friends’ party, rumours start to spread and she decides to do everything it takes to solve this “problem”. Even if it means turning away from herself to be like everyone else.

WAY BACK, 15min., Serbia, Family Drama
Dunja and Jasna are traveling with their mother Jovana to visit their father who lives alone in the cottage. DUNJA and JASNA are convinced that he had abandoned their mother because of the affair with another woman. By exchanging impressions of his action, they remember the past and reveal the expectations of a meeting. DUNJA treats this affair as a product of the father’s crisis and hopes the visit could reunite family, while JASNA has accepted the parent’s divorce as a final. Under the pressure, the mother reveals there was no adultery. She simply never loved their father.

George Floyd cried out for help, begged for his life. A cry for help is a cry for humanity to be restored. In the midst of the uprising in Minneapolis, we captured raw thoughts and authentic truths from residents who live in the neighborhood where George Floyd took his final breath.

THE COLD (IOWÍSTO), 8min., Canada, Drama
The Cold, translated to Iowísto in Mohawk, written by Jesse Menard features a young Indigeouns family living in Northern Ontario with a few of their friends who have taken refuge at their farmhouse in efforts to escape the virus spreading fast in the city. A traditional tea recipe in the family passed down to Machk, Pete and Tapeesa keeps the group healthy – it’s not a cure, but the herbs are medicine that builds immunity to the virus.

HOME, BUT NOT ALONE, 4min., USA, Comedy
A day in the life of a mom on the edge during the COVID quarantine.

FRONTMAN, 17min, South Korea, Drama
Chaemin and Seonhwa are friends who major in playing ajaeng, a Korean string instrument, in high school. Right before the selection of roles for their regular concert, Chaemin feels that the teacher is playing favorite with Seonhwa but overlooks it. Now in their 30s, Chaemin and Seonhwa run into each other in the lobby of a concert theater.

BLACKHOLE, 18min., USA, Fantasy Future
Four storylines set in the hours before a black hole swallows earth, play out with varying congruence.

Through the course of one poem written by an 8th grade student. Teenage women voice their struggle, growth and empowerment.

LEORA, 10min., USA, Horror
Things turn deadly, when a woman attempts to help a lost, mute child and her companion — a disquieting doll who appears to harbor protection schemes of her own.

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