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Er Mixon Er Mixon Organizer
director, editor, screenwriter, student
Leo Reyes Leo Reyes
Onyi Ononye Onyi Ononye
animator, concept artist, director, editor, filmmaker, screenwriter
Samuel Oluoko Samuel Oluoko
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Where: Satellite Coffee
2300 Central Ave SE,
Albuquerque, New Mexico
When: Saturday, July 3rd
2:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 1 month ago
Updated 1 month ago
Note! Outdoor seating in the front. Message that morning to confirm.
About the meetup

A meeting of local directors, actors, writers, producers, editors, animators, makeup artists and other crew with the goal of creating teams and assigning scheduling blocks to shoot any kind of films that we can. The target of this meeting is to build a small but active guerilla filmmaking group that can knock out a lot of short, dirt cheap productions over the next few months.  Then, if we've forged a strong enough working relationship, move on to a collaborative feature project.

Writers - Feel free to bring loglines to share. Be clear on the types of genres you want to work with. If you have a script that can be shot, be certain to include what will be needed to make it work. Try to keep the number of actors needed to a minimum. 

Directors - Try to be clear on the type of genre you want to work in. Consider the days and times you expect to be available to shoot during any given week and bring a written example for the record.        Each production should not take more than one or two weeks to shoot before moving on to the next.

Actors - Those of you who come will be asked to make your scheduling availability clear and will be offered roles based on availability.  

Everyone - If you have any type of filmmaking assets or additional skills, regardless of how small, please mention them and when possible make plans to share as needed.

The aim of this meeting is to lay the groundwork to shoot several festival ready short films and/or scripted Youtube series by the end of the year. All filmmaking professionals, amateurs and students interested in making these types of movies are invited to hang out and try to build a working team.   


Onyi Ononye

Im currently in Dublin GA but If possible I could show up via zoom chat

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